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2nd Trimester

Waiting til Birth To Find out Sex

I already Have a boy and girl I think it would be more fun to wait till the baby is born To Learn The sex. Any one else waiting?

Re: Waiting til Birth To Find out Sex

  • I am more than excited to experience this also! I'm in no rush to know the sex just the health of the child is most important everything else can wait
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  • I mean i was going to find out at 20 weeks ish. But if my husband wanted to wait, I'd be fine with that. 
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  • FTM and team green... My preference really. Hubby didn't care either way. Hoping for a girl but know I won't care when the little baby comes out!!
  • We waited and it was awesome. The MW held her up in front of us when she was out and it was just so special :)
  • I'm planning on waiting as well I'm just about 22 weeks. People these days think it's so crazy that we want to wait. I mean back in the day we didn't have all this modern technology. People never used to know.
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  • FTM here and we are waiting. I have always wanted to have my first child a surprise. I think it's more fun that way. Everyone who knows me and knows I'm a planner is asking how I can handle not knowing and I tell them I just make it fun. Gender neutral nursery getting to pick out both gender names (boy names were way harder!) plus it's our first baby. I need bottles,binkies, baby monitors, ect. I would rather get those than cute clothes that my baby may or may not wear. Plus I love when people ask "how can you not find out that would drive me crazy!" And I answer back " I'm just hoping for a healthy baby no matter the gender" and then they get all "well.....we do too" all awkwardly. It's something g I can chuckle at
  • We are waiting till birth! Ftm but I can't wait for the moment when they tell me what the little one is. Just so grateful for a healthy little one :)
  • It's something I've always wanted, and I'm excited about getting to hear the "It's a boy/girl" announcement when baby comes out! DH is less on board, but he's humoring me and being supportive. He says he doesn't want to be surprised, but I think he's also just worried in general. I'm hoping he feels better after our Anatomy scan on Tuesday.
  • We also already have a boy and a girl and are waiting to find out with this one.  DH wanted to be surprised with each one, but I convinced him both of the previous times.  It is pretty exciting to wait to find out and everyone has their guesses.  I will say it is helping curb my buying.  Like just the other day I found a super cute onesie that would be perfect for a little boy, but we don't know it is a boy so I didn't get it.  I have enough of the right season clothes for a boy or a girl and new clothes will be a great Christmas present for a newborn who already has a bunch of toy hand-me-downs from the older siblings

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    We are waiting as well. It's so hard! I'm ok waiting for planning or decorating.....but I am just so curious about this tiny person in my belly. I want to know everything about them!

    However, I am baffled by the responses we get when we tell people we are waiting. Either we are crazy and won't be prepared adequately or we deserve a Merritt badge. I mean, the technology hasn't been around THAT long...and everybody's seemed to do just fine.
  • I have a growth check tomo at 24 weeks and am so close to asking. I won't but I got the sudden urge!!! Ahh
  • We are waiting to find out! It's one of the last surprises that you get to experience as an adult. My husband and I have said for years that we want to wait to find out. My brother & SIL waited with both of their children and there was just something exciting about the anticipation at the hospital. It also made my brother feel like he had a special part of the day by coming to the waiting room to announce it's a girl to everyone.
  • We are waiting too! We are so excited! Someone told me they felt a bigger "bond" between them and baby when they found out gender. (She's pregnant with second now and wanting the surprise)! I hope I'm not missing out on that type of bonding. My OB said, "I hope I remember to tell you the sex when it comes out! No one waits to find out anymore!"
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    So husband is definitively "Find out now!" 

    We can't agree on names and his logic is that if we know boy or girl, we eliminate 50% of the arguments. 

    Sounds reasonable. 
  • I was all set to find out, and then had a change of heart four days before my anatomy scan ultrasound.  I wrote about my reasons for not finding out on my blog.  (I was receiving a lot of questions about why I was waiting and I was also met with some assumptions that the tech just couldn't tell the baby's sex.)
  • We are also waiting till birth- have 2 girls and honestly are hoping for a healthy baby- boy or girl? Doesn't matter! Good luck!
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