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PPD- 6 months postpartum and considering switching from breastfeeding to formula

Hello Mommies. I was hoping for some advice. I've been diagnosed with postpartum depression. It started abut a month postpartum and has steadily been getting worse and worse. Now at 6 months postpartum it is out of my control. I'm constantly moody, feel hopeless/worthless, put myself down, tell myself I'm a bad mother, cry for no reason, have anxiety attacks, constantly worried about something bad happening to my LO, and am extremely fatigued. I've been ignoring it for the last 6 months and now its getting worse. I made an apointment with the doc and she thinks I'd benefit greatly from going on anti depresents. I'm extremely sad though that if I do I might have to give up breastfeeding. I feel though that the benifits of me being happy would be better for LO. I'd be able to care for her better. It says some anti depresents are maybe okay with breastfeeding, but I'm still weary about it. Any moms have experience with taking anti depressants while breastfeeding or switching LO to formula? I'm feeling really guilty about switching her to formula, since I worked so hard breastfeeding her for 6 months.

Re: PPD- 6 months postpartum and considering switching from breastfeeding to formula

  • I am so sorry for what you're going through. I don't have experience with this necessarily but I did grow up with a mom who had many mental disorders. From this experience I know that you being healthy and happy is the best thing for your child.
    I can understand being upset to stop BFing, I know I would, but do not feel guilty if you end up switching. You gave your baby a wonderful gift by BFing for these first 6 months. Plenty of healthy, happy babies have been raised on formula from day 1. That being said, maybe you can pump and mix half breast milk with formula? That way LO still gets some breast milk but you can reduce the amount of potential medication being passed.
    No matter which choice you make, try not to stress over it. Get the treatment you need so you can be the best version of yourself for your LO. The fact that you are seeking treatment and are so worried about making the right choice for feeding your baby shows that you are already an incredible mom. Good luck!
  • Thanks stephaney1 your post helped me feel better.
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    I know exactly what you are going through. I made it 6 weeks (congrats on 6 months) and my baby and I were both really struggling. She was struggling to draw enough milk when BF'ing and I was struggling to keep my head above water with the PPD (lots of crying). I switched to formula and started on medication (for myself) and it was like night and day. My baby is so happy now and I was able to wean myself off of medication after I felt like I was getting myself back together. I feel like I am back in control and am truly enjoying my time with me little angel now. I know formula isn't for everyone but it was the best decision I ever made... our babies know when we are stressed and feed off of that. A happy mommy = a happy baby!
  • No experience with PPD, but your emotional & physical well-being is a priority. If you'd like to continue to BF tell your OB.

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  • So sorry for what you're dealing with. I don't have any personal experience, but I do agree with the others that your health is the most important thing. Good luck!
  • I have an anxiety and depression disorder and tried very hard to stop my medication before I got pregnant. That didn't work out for me, and I was pregnant and continue to breastfeed my LO while taking the medication. Talk with your dr about the mess and if you can continue with your BFing. My medication has been studied a lot and a specialist okayed the med with pregnancy and BFing. LO is very happy and healthy.
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    During my third trimester my OB put me on Zoloft because my anxiety was so off the charts bad.  I'm continuing to take it on the advice of my doctors and counselor for 6 months (at least).  The only breastfeeding related side effect was possibly have less milk production, but in the study done the scientists noted that milk production increased with more amounts of water, the same way as any other nursing mom.  I've been exclusively pumping for my LO for 10 weeks and he's doing great!  The most important thing at this point is being a happy, healthy mom.  Whether your feeding breastmilk or formula, being mentally healthy for your LO is the key!
  • It's completely safe to BF and take anti depressants.  I succumbed to PPD and at 5 weeks I sought treatment by seeing a psychiatrist.  I was prescribed 150 mg of zoloft and 0.5 mg of adivan and I still bf my 6mo.  We're now both as happy as can be!
  • I know this post is a little old, but wanted to add my 2 cents.  I was diagnosed with PPA/PPD 3 weeks postpartum (it was way more then the baby blues).  I was prescribed Zoloft which is safe while breastfeeding and I am still breastfeeding to this day (she's 8 months now!).  I've seen no adverse side effects and I definitely think that it made our bond stronger because I was able to be there for her as a mother rather then always being anxious or crying.  I'm now off the medication, which I attribute to getting diagnosed early, and all are doing well.  You can get through this! :-)
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