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Stocking up on baby clothes

So I was just starting to many of each size onsies/ pants will I need for each size? I know this depends somewhat on how often I do laundry etc. But just wondering about an estimate? So I would like to know amounts for each size- newborn, 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12. I already have some clothes that were given to me in various sizes, but after my shower I'm going to finish stocking up her dresser (I like to be prepared) let me know your opinions!

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  • I always had too much! Don't stock up past 3-6m, you can always shop later when you know more about what you need; season matters too!

    See if any friends in your circle have old clothes to loan or give you. I got most of my extra pants and sweaters that way. But usually passed on older onesies.
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  • I didn't need many NB size last time bc he grew so fast. I also got better at gauging how often to do laundry or let him wear a "puked" outfit for a little longer if we weren't going anywhere. I have gotten good at buying stuff on sale for the next year or season. My first son is 2.5 and I had a few things ready for each stage. For this new baby boy, I bought new sleepers (they get stained) and some seasonally appropriate clothes. But definitely accept any offers of hand-me-downs!!!
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  • Thj417Thj417 member
    I only got PJs past the 0-3 stage. You can never tell how fast baby will grow.

    As for how many... In the early days you'll have more blow outs. Just the nature of the business. So you may change 2-3 times a day. 15-21 0-3 month size. I would mix it up onesies, outfits, pjs. They mostly sleep so I go easy on the outfits. I only have a few newborn size, maybe 7 pieces. I'm pretty sure my girl will go right into 0-3 like my boy did. I probably had about the same amount in 3-6 months. As for the next sizes, just have a few onesies so when they suddenly don't fit you can put the right size on and then get clothes according to the season.

    I have 4 swaddlemes and 7 large swaddle blankets. And probably a dozen receiving blankets. I didn't need that many but they were gifts and so cute I couldn't return!
  • I am only getting the NB and 0-3 stuff ready.  That will at least get me through the first month or 2.  DD actually wore NB for 3 months, so you just never know.  I am not a big fan of outfits.  I do rompers and footie pjs most of the time.  I also have a bunch of onsies and a few pairs of pants.  

    I don't like stocking too far in advance because it is tough to know how your little one will grow.  I tend to shop at consignment sales in the fall and spring and then shop store's sales to get what I still need.

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  • ha for some reason this has been really stressing me out. we're on a tight budget right now so I just went to some garage sales with my mom last week and found a nice consignment store in the area to stock up on some clothes. I feel like I have so many clothes for him already but I'm sure I will still feel like I'm doing laundry non-stop (this is my first)
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