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feels like charlie horses in groin!

Is anyone else experiencing this aswell or know whats going on. I have these cramps in my thigh/groin that feels like charlies horses but moves up to my stomach

Re: feels like charlie horses in groin!

  • I feel you! Currently I'm convinced my vagina and all of the bones around it are just simply going to crack and the baby is just going to fall out. Can't even lift either leg anymore.
  • I hate this feeling.. it doesn't make it into my stomach however. It's a sharp shooting pain from my vagina that shoots out into my inner thigh. I get real bad sometimes sitting on the potty.. I heard it is the way baby is positioned. She's laying on nerves now.
  • I get them a lot. He hits my nerves and it either stops me in my tracks or I move weird to get him to move positions. It's embarrassing when I'm in public haha.
  • This is me all day today!! Mostly in my right leg. The dentist that I work for is so nervous I'm going to go into labor so I have to try to hide the pain when it hits. But it totally stops me in my tracks. I have to reposition my hips. Sometimes that works but mostly I just have to wait it out. I assume it's because she has dropped and there is even more pressure on my pelvis.
    5 days till scheduled CS.
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