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Fuming over unnecessary episiotomy

i gave birth to my beautiful baby girl on Friday and I am so over the moon with love and amazement for her. My labor wasn't long and I had been pushing for about 25 minutes when the doctor on call decided to give me an episiotomy. There where no risk factors at all. My labor hadn't been hard or complicated, my baby was in ideal position and not showing any signs of distress. After much research I've learned that episiotomies should not be routine but that's exactly how this doctor treated it, like something routine. My husband and I have always had a healthy sex life and I'm afraid of the pain that most women who've undergone episiotomies say doesn't entirely go away. Mostly I'm angry at this doctor who doesn't Mind causing unnecessary pain and possible complications. Any of you ladies have gone through this?

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  • I have done an episiotomy. Not like your case, I actually needed one. But I can say that my pain did go away and my sex life wasn't ruined. So hopefully that eases any worry you have.

    You should be upset though. I hate when doctors don't consider your thoughts or birth plan. They should talk to you before doing something like an episiotomy.
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    I had an unnecessarily episiotomy too and just 40 days after it I was able to go back to my sex life without a problem, and I know a lot of women who have been through the same and still have a normal sex life! Don't worry about it, I'm sure is just the minority who have issues with it. And I hated to have an unnecessary one too but you'll eventually get over it.
  • I would be very upset. 25 minutes isn't even that long to be pushing. I'm not sure that it will ruin your sex life, but that was a terrible medical decision on his part.

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    Wow!! Yes I would be pissed! I have absolutely been told that they are not done routinely anymore… My hospital says they only do them 2% of the time usually only when it's an unusually large baby or forceps are needed to fit!! You have every right to be upset! I would really question how that was approved and why! But what's done is done ...it seems like some of the other women have commented that they recovered well from it so I wish you the best
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    I had one with my first. I was in labor for 30 hrs and pushed for 3 hours. She didn't tell me she was going to do it and before I knew it it was done. I can't believe after only 25 mins they did it in your case. I can say recovery was a little rough , wasn't cleared until 8 weeks pp however sex wasn't and hasn't been a problem since. We both literally notice no difference in feel, look , etc. so try not to worry about that!
    Note- the first time sex pp was painful but after that it was back to normaL

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  • Im sorry that happened. You might find this article interesting ...
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