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Fur baby = anger

Am I the only one who has absolutely no patience for my poor dog? I find myself almost constantly annoyed with him, yet wanting to cry because I feel bad that I'm mad at him for no reason! Haha When it comes to our dog, it's the only time/ thing my hormones have made me temperamental about during my pregnancy. On top of that, my crazy hormones make me think that because I'm constantly upset with the dog, the baby hears me and will come out hating him! (I know it's not a rational fear, but hey, I'm pregnant lol).

Re: Fur baby = anger

  • My dog annoys me too. He is generally a good dog and he has infinite patience with our son. Yesterday right after our 6 year old fell asleep he started barking at the top of the stairs for no reason. I was furious but we love him as I'm sure you love your dog too. :)
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  • For me it's my cat. We went away for 4 days and she has been at me nonstop since we got home. We've been home for 3 days now and she still will just sit and meow at me, lick me, and head butt me for constant attention. It doesn't help that I stepped in a huge pile of vomit this morning, which resulted in my dry heaving for 20 minutes. But it does seem like everything she does irritates me. 
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  • This is hilarious. I was just thinking that I need to figure out how to keep the dog from being so jealous. I have two other kids, but we didn't have our yorkie then. We adopted her about a year and a half ago. She is definitely MY dog. She follows me around and cries when I'm in the bathroom, etc. She has been craving my constant attention since the pregnancy began. Lately, it's been worse. If I sit down with my kids (ages 6 and 8), she has to squeeze between us on the couch. If I'm talking with my husband, she's jumping up and down at my feet to get my attention. I'm afraid that she'll jump up on the baby while I'm breastfeeding or giving the baby any attention. If anyone has any experience with this from the past, I'd love to hear it. I'd like to get it under control before baby arrives. 
  • YES! More my husbands dog though, he has always been annoying but seems even worse lately. He's always been the garbage dog type, whines over everything, jealous, drinks water after a walk then walks over to you and pukes at your feet kind of dog
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  • Yes! It's so bad we're considering rehoming but nobody wants an older dog. My husband is at the end of his rope and it occasionally causes marital stress :(
  • @lwentland can you talk to the vet about meds? If the dog is older, there might be cognition issues. Also, change is hard on dogs, especially older ones. There are calming collars that are fairly cheap that you can get from your vet (Adaptil) and anxiety meds. I hope you pursue those options before considering rehoming.
    All of mine are having a hard time with me being pregnant and getting ready to move. They don't understand and are just reacting the only way they know how. It is our responsibility to help them through those times (even when it is tough).

    @holmesbabyB maybe those things are an option for you too? (If your dog is having a hard time adjusting). Try to be patient with him. Your baby won't hate the dog and won't act that way unless they are emulating. Hormones suck sometimes and our pets are very sensitive to what we are giving off.
  • I'm more quick to anger with him so I try to make up with being quick to praise as well.
  • So, yeah, I have two little dogs that LOVE to bark. I have yelled at them so much during my pregnancy that they generally wait to come up to me when I enter a room. I love them to pieces and I cuddle them too, they just get rowdy and it drives me crazy because I picture them doing that when baby is here! Makes me super paranoid! :/ 
  • My cats are annoying me a lot lately. I have one cat that is so scared of everything (adopted so must have been traumatized previously). We've owned her for 6yrs and have been nothing but loving but anytime I walk in her general direction she freaks out and runs like I'm trying to murder her. I'm not even going to her I just happen to need to walk that way in my house. So it's either complete panic from her or incessint meowing for attention (only when we are on the couch/computer completely motionless).
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