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Moms w young daughters - question

My almost 5 year old (in sept) is obsessed w baby dolls. She tells me everyday she's going to change the baby's diaper and if it wakes up at night she wants me to wake her up to help. When DS was born was just 2 but tried so hard to be a helper. I know she really will be a huge help this time though! Anyways, I was thinking about getting her a baby carrier to wear a baby and a little diaper bag. Have you purchased or seen anything that doesn't seem too junky?
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Re: Moms w young daughters - question

  • American Girl has a cute one in the Bitty Baby line. I've also seen cute ones on Etsy. I plan on doing the same for my 3 yr old.
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  • That is a cute one!! I wonder if they have a matching diaper bag. Thanks! I found this on etsy just now SnuggyBaby's shop on Etsy
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  • I love that!
  • DD has a doll ergo.

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  • Quite a few major carrier brands make doll versions for kids. Search Amazon for doll carrier. Ergo and Boba make nice ones, there is even a Moby.

  • Oh hey I'm doing the same thing!

    My daughter will be just 2 years old when her little sister is born but she likes dolls, pretending to feed and burp them. I have a small doll I am going to give her when baby sister is born so she can have her own new baby too. My mom bought her a toddler-sized rocking chair.

    But I am planning on making a wrap/sling carrier so she can carry her babydoll around too. A sling should be easy to make with scrap fabric, just gotta make it the right size, or adjustible. I might do a Velcro or snap closure - that wouldn't be safe enough to hold a real baby but should hold a lightweight doll and be safer for a toddler to wear.
  • A bunch of brands make baby carriers for dolls.  I want to get one for my 2 1/2 year old so she can wear her baby when I wear DS.  Just go to amazon and type in doll baby carrier and a ton of options come up.  

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