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4th of July

Hi everyone!

I usually just keep to myself on the boards - most of my questions are answered when I search but I don't know if I'm being paranoid or just overthinking things. (FTM - most likely paranoid) Every year for the 4th of July there is a block party at my inlaws house. Their neighbor is a pyro guy so he sets off this amazing fireworks show that is usually 40 mins long. My worry is will it be to loud for my little one? It's literally 2 houses down from where we will be.


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  • They are well protected in there!
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  • Thanks! My husband kind of encourages my paranoia - we haven't seen an IMAX film because we thought it'd be too loud.
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  • I went to a concert late third tri with my daughter (my mom did with me too!) We're both fine. I wouldn't plan on several hours a day of crazy loud noise, but a fireworks show or an IMAX movie are perfectly fine.
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    My mom took me to a Van Halen concert when I was in utero....I like to think I came out alright ;) and my husband likes to play loud music with tons of bass around our house and it doesn't seem to bother our LO, it feels like it's relaxing her.
  • I just went to a Rush concert last month, Dr said it's completely fine. LO really is well insulated in there :)
  • Everything is muffled to them to an extent , you are fine . Fireworks aren't that loud . I've been around way louder trust me , and my baby is still fine . My DH has a system in his car and it's louder than you would expect I can hear him coming home from a few blocks over as if he's in front of the house and I sit that car ! With the music that loud! Lol
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