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Tiny spots of blood

Today I'm 33 w and after light sexual intercourse I went to the bathroom & noticed a couple tiny spots of blood while wiping. My mother says not to worry that much but I'm a FTM so I'm obviously freaking out about anything that I've never experienced. I have an ultrasound tomorrow at the perinatal center and an ob appointment on Thursday. Should I call the doctor now? Or should I wait until my appointment to mention it. I've felt regular kicks, but I'm still worried because I've never experienced this before. HELP!?

Re: Tiny spots of blood

  • It is not uncommon to notice some spotting after sex. I would say to ease your mind, just make a quick phone call to your doctor.

    This. It's probably nothing to worry about, but why not call the doctor? That's what they're there for

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  • I had some bleeding this weekend from sex. It wasn't just spotting it was a significant amount, so we went to emerg. After being thoroughly examined to be safe it was ruled as just a ruptured blood vessel in my cervix and they said best to just stay away from intercourse until after the baby is born now to be safe.
  • I had slight bleeding from going on brisk walks the last couple days. I called just to make sure I was okay. Spent an hour at the OB and I was just fine, just need to slow it down.
    They want you to call if anything is different, don't risk letting it go or waiting. Better safe than sorry.
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