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Maternity photo shoot

Hey guys I have a silly question. I have a maternity photo shoot Friday. I was wondering what's the best/ cutest things to wear for these? Shirts/pants/dresses? Color? Ect! Thanks in advance!

Re: Maternity photo shoot

  • A lot of people go with solid dresses. My photographer encouraged me to wear a pattern as long as SO was in a solid. I think they turned out great.

    I would suggest wear something that shows off your bump and makes you feel good! If you feel good, you look good!
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  • Whatever makes you feel cute! I wore pants and a cute top, but then changed halfway through to put my baseball jersey on so we could do a few themed shots :)
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  • As a photographer, don't hide that belly! So no cardigan or something that will cover you. Maxis are great and flowy. Bright colors are always good to photograph, but not if its not your style! Wear something that is YOU and that you are comfortable in! Which for my shoot wasn't much because I feel so HUGE. :/ No matter what you wear just make sure you are happy, well rested, and confident! And SMILE! You are having a baby! :)
  • I did a colorful maxi dress which looked great outside. My photog said most people come without much color and she was so excited my dress was bright
  • Thank you all I now have a better idea on what im going to do! I appreciate it!:)
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