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whoa... newborn sized clothes!

So I'm getting out my "stash" of baby clothes to wash & have ready. I discovered a whole bag of newborn sized onesies. We now have close to 30 newborn sized onesies. Is that too many?!?!
She'll be delivered just shy of 37 weeks, so I'm sure she'll be able to wear that size from the get go. But 30?!
How much is too much in your opinion?

Re: whoa... newborn sized clothes!

  • Depends on whether she is a spitter and how often you do laundry.

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  • I would say yes it's too many. You may want to exchange at least 10 (that's what I would do) for another size you don't have a lot of yet.
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  • @jesselayne8 we do laundry constantly bc of our boys.
    @cllgarrison we're pretty set all the way up to 6-9 months. Looks like I need to spread it on my bed and make decisions. Haha. Why does it all have to be so cute?!
  • For us the clothes we used the longest were 18 months, which she was in around 10 months or so. Don't be afraid to get some in that size because that's when their clothes start getting stained from eating solids and you might want to have more of the larger sizes.
  • Is it all new stuff with tags? If so, then yes, that's probably too many UNLESS you've got a barfy or blowout baby. I'd probably keep it all for now and remove tags from 10-15 of your favorite things. Then you can evaluate once she's here if you're having to wash things more often than you'd like. Hopefully by the time you're ready to go to 0-3, you'll be able to get some store credit toward that size.
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  • Hahaha I showed my husband before he went to work. His eyes got big and he said "you'll figure it out! But we don't need that much though!"
  • Use them! Lol I would! All those onesies sound like heaven!
  • It's all so cute!!! I've found a couple of things to exchange bc apparently we don't have any sleepers except in 3-6 & 6-9 mths! How did that happen?! Lol
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