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Hospital Ready?

what should I pack for the trip to the hospital?

Re: Hospital Ready?

  • I've been perusing Pinterest to get ideas. Then I'm just kind of picking and choosing what I feel I need off those lists. Some of them are super excessive!
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  • I posted my list of "essentials" on my blog if you would like to take a look. It should get you started.

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  • victoriaaa1victoriaaa1 member
    edited June 2015
    So far I have packed :
    -body wash
    -travel sized shampoo & conditioner
    -travel sized lotion
    -will be packing my makeup (just in case for pictures, don't know if I'm really going to use it though)
    -Toothbrush & toothpaste ( I still need to pack it . I use it everyday so I obviously can't put it away now)
    -spare charger
    -comfortable spaghetti strap and a tank top .
    -black joggers .
    -socks , underwear (just incase)
    -Moccasins (my choice of shoe)
    -LOs going home outfit (1 NB & 1 0-3M)
    -socks, beanie
    -receiving blanket for going home .

    Then I just need to get DH packed sometime soon .
  • Only advice is don't over pack! I packed a 28" suitcase and a small 20" suitcase for baby. Of course I packed for DH also but I only wore two outfits the entire time and wore house shoes, also only used my toothbrush. Out of all the make up, cute outfits, 5 onesies, burp rags, nursing bras, pump... Baby got free onesies from hospital and wore her going home outfit. That's it, the hospital provided everything else we needed, giant diaper panties, shampoo, soap etc, diapers, wipes, nursing pads, and even a pump. This time it's bare essentials until I know for a fact what the hospital will not provide us with
  • If you wear contacts don't forget solution and extra contacts.
  • My bag is all ready!
    My hospital already provides the travel sized wash, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.
    My list:
    Panties for when I go home
    Loose fitting shirt
    Non-skid slipper socks
    Newborn & 0-3 mth sized coming home outfits
    Baby socks
    Blanket I crocheted for her
    Baby hat
    The "big brother" shirts for my boys
    Breast pump(lactation specialist is going to help me)
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