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Single and pregnant

I am 7 weeks pregnant. I am 29 years old. When I first found out I was pregnant after the initial shock I was happy. I always planned on being a mom and if I didn't find a partner I had plans to go to a sperm bank by the time I was 34. The pregnancy has come to me at a good age and financially in am very secure. I have a well paying career. My family knows I'm pregnant and single and they are very supportive and excited about a new baby coming. I am too for the most part but I sometimes start to feel sad and depressed for the obvious reasons that I'm single and maybe I'm brining this child into the world for my own selfish reasons without giving the baby a chance at a real home with a dad. Am I doing the wrong thing here. I would be lying if I didn't say I wish I had a partner by my side through this experience or simply knowing that I will have someone there for 24/7 moral support. I can't help but feel bad that I'm single and pregnant and I feel I should have done a better job at giving this baby a father.

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  • Don't be sad! You are going to be an amazing mom and your example will be extraordinary to your child.
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  • I was raised by a single mother and she was amazing. Your baby just needs to know you love her/him and will always take care of her/him. You can do it, mama!

    Also, just because you are single now there is no reason to think you won't find someone perfect for you and your baby someday. If that is what you want!
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  • I dont know what i would do without the support of my husband. However, i know several amazing single moms. You can do it mama!

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  • It sounds like you are in a good place to be able to support a baby on your own. Your family can be your support system and friends too. Who knows, you may find the right guy a little ways down the road who will be there for you and for your kiddo! Don't be afraid to let it out when you're feeling sad about it, but you sound like you've thought things through pretty well and like you can do it on your own. Go mommy!

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  • I was raised by a extraordinary single Mum, it was always just me and her while I was growing up and it was wonderful! I've honestly never felt a loss about not having a father around. My Mum has met someone now and I'm sure you will too :) you'll do great xx
  • I wasn't raised by one, but I'm sure my mom felt like one with the army sending my dad overseas for years at a time, but some of the most resilient, sacrificing people I know are single mothers. You got this!

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    I have met so many amazing single mothers and children of single mothers. You can absolutely do this!!!
    Wishing you all the best.
  • Don't be sad. I have a couple of friends who are single mothers to some very awesome kids. It's hard, sure. I'm sure you can do it. 
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  • IMO having a bad father is worse than having no father. It sounds like you're prepared to do double duty and have your family's support. I say, embrace your new role and the right man will find his way into your life when you're ready.
  • You are not selfish. You are going to bring a life into this world and you will be amazing!
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