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  • Rofl.  I never had to rely on the baby cabinet locks because my daughter became afraid of cabinets at a very young age.  She would run past them and the door pulls would hook onto her belt loops.  After a couple of times of that happening over 1 - 2 days she stayed away from them.  lol. 
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  • Lmao @VexyMommy I think that actually happened to me in high school. Was walking in the hall and my drawstring bag got caught on the door handle, whipped me back. I feel your daughters pain.

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  • Someone had given us an old safety latch to try to see if it was a kind we liked. I used it to latch closed a cabinet that wouldn't stay closed on its own and was annoying me. Never mind that it was the safest cabinet in the house because all it had was blankets. Clearly my priorities are in order :D
  • You totally just made my Monday morning.. =)) that's too funny!!
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