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Is she too big?

Hello everyone
I had an US today and am 35weeks.
The baby is 2.7kg
Do u ladies think she is too big?
Do u think it will be possible to have a normal delivery?
Thank u

Re: Is she too big?

  • What did your doctor say? Most measurements at this point are inaccurate. Please search this topic as it's been discussed frequently.
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  • Doctor said its ok until now but reduce food a bit
    Yes am searching it
    Thank u
  • That doesnt sound too big to me, mine measured 2.2 kg at 32 weeks and 2 days last week... My first born was 4.8 kg though so Im expecting another big baby

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  • He told you to reduce your food intake? To starve the baby so it doesn't grow as fast? Or to manage your own weight? Please don't reduce your food intake for the next 5 weeks just because she's measuring bigger. As mentioned above, these measurements are not definite and a big baby is a healthy growing beautiful chubby ball of perfection. Thousands of women have "normal" births of bigger babies.
  • I was told at 28 weeks that she was measuring 3.5!! Scared me a tad but I have heard they are usually inaccurate. Although saying that, my son was 4lbs when he was born at 30 weeks so maybe I just cook em big! Either way aslong as she's healthy that's the main thing and Like a pp people have big healthy babies all the time! Don't panic your body will handle it either way. 2lb something sounds fine at this point anyway. I can't believe a doctor would tell you to reduce your food intake! I wouldn't recommend doing that!
  • Big baby doesn't mean bad. My good girl friend had a 10 pound baby boy that's considered quite large but he was healthy and just fine. Plenty of people have normal deliveries with larger babies. I wouldn't let it stress you out at all.
  • I don't know what 2.7kg is but at 30 weeks we were measuring 4lbs. My doctor isn't concerned but I have another growth scan next week and I'll be 35 weeks. I cam tell she's getting bigger but again, those are just estimations. They can't be 100% accurate.
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  • At 30 weeks he measured 4lbs 4oz. I'm not too concerned even though everyone else seems to harp in with "he's huge, told you were getting big"(but that's another issue - I've only gained 13 lbs!) I go again next week to see what he measures at, kind of nervous. But everyone I've talked to said their measurements of the weights for their babies were off
  • Dr actually told you to limit food intake wow. My baby is measuring 4.13oz at 32 weeks. I've gained a ton a weight all my dr said was just eat healthy. I actually lost 5 lbs
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