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How many of you are in WNC? Maybe Asheville area?? 
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Re: WNC..?

  • giacorgiacor member
    I'm in Sylva! Drive to Asheville a couple times a month. I'm 11 weeks, so way behind you. :)
  • giacorgiacor member
    Are there any pregnancy groups in Asheville? I've googled it to death. None of my friends are pregnant. I feel the need to make friends with pregnant women!
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  • I'm in Brevard :)
  • I'm in Sylva!
  • I know this is an old thread, but I'm in WNC! Sylva/Whittier area.

    This is my first pregnancy. Do any of you have other children?
  • I am in Asheville! Due August 15 :)
  • I'm in Hendersonville
  • I am in asheville - due early November - anyone else? Send me a message
  • I'm in Asheville. Due early February!
  • I'm in asheville. Due early February as well!
  • Cwg2Cwg2 member
    In Rutherfordton about 45 minutes away :) due in August
  • I'm in sylva! Wow lots of people from my little town. 35 weeks
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