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Ft. Bragg-Tricare Prime Prenatal Care

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Hey y'all!

So I'm moving to Ft. Bragg about the beginning of June from Germany, and I'm due in November! In Germany, I go to see my German OB off-post every 4 weeks and have an ultrasound/sonogram every visit, plus whatever usual other things that they check (bloodwork, urine sample, etc.) I've already had my first appointment and will have my next one exactly 4 weeks later, here in about 2 weeks. I know that at Bragg, I will be seen on-post for my prenatal care, or so I've been told. 

My question is, with Tricare Prime, what will my prenatal care be like? 

With PCSing, how quickly will I be able to get an appointment coming from Germany? Do I have to be seen on-post or can I choose my doctor off-post? How often can I expect to be seen? Will I get to see the baby every visit or can I request that? I've been told that there's a hospital on-post-will I deliver there? 

Overall, how do/did you like your care?

I know this is a lot of questions, and I appreciate your help! This is our first, so I have no idea what to expect and I've heard that Germany is different. Thank you!!

Re: Ft. Bragg-Tricare Prime Prenatal Care

  • When I had tricare prime I was assigned a clinic on post no questions asked. I was seen at the clinic by a nurse practitioner and then at 20 weeks was transferred to Womack (the on post hospital.) I had appointments about every 4 weeks depending on when they could fit me in. I only had 2 ultrasounds total during my pregnancy. There are a few midwifes/doctors and you just rotate through them usually unless you firmly request to see a certain one. When you are delivering you don't know who you will have so it's really not that bad to see multiple. As far as delivering...you have your own room and max of 2 people allowed with you. They are usually crazy busy so depending on how your labor goes you will get a different experience. I was told I had to be induced right away at my appointment and had to wait 4 hrs for them to actually have a room for me. After baby is delivered you will be moved to mother baby unit. They are shared rooms so once again depending on your experience and how busy they are you will likely share a room along with a restroom (definitely the worst part of my experience.) you have to stay 48 hrs after delivery. Some of the nurses are awesome and others are just inconvenienced by you. Overall my first was not a horrible experience. The doctors were nice and let me do my own thing for the most part but those doctors are all gone now. With this baby I was having to jump through hoops to get my appointments scheduled, I didn't click with any of the new doctors and I was so stressed from how they were treating me so we switched to tricare standard so I could deliver at Moore regional in Southern Pines for this baby. I'm praying its worth it once it's all over.
  • are you here at fort bragg yet @sarahmurray611 ?

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