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Which name sounds the best??

Vincent Angelo
Vincent James
Nicholas Angelo
Nicholas John

Re: Which name sounds the best??

  • I like them all about equally.

    Would go with Angelo as the middle name, as it seems like it's a family name. Vincent Angelo might juuuuust barely eek it out over Nicholas Angelo.
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  • Vincent Angelo!
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  • Great list. I like them all. My favorite is Nicholas Angelo.
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  • I like Nicholas more. Nicholas John and Nicholas Angelo are equally great.
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    Vincent James
  • Nicholas John
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    Vincent Angelo or Nicholas Angelo. (I really love the name Angelo).

  • While I like both Vincent and Nicholas, I am voting for Vincent. It is less common. Both James and Angelo sound great. I would go with the one that flows best with your last name.

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  • Vincent Angelo! It was almost DS2's name!

  • Thank you for the replies everyone!! It's really helpful to get some unbiased opinions :)
  • I am a fan of Vincent James. Good luck!! Great names!
  • Vincent Angelo
  • All good
    Nicholas Angelo

  • Vincent James!


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  • Vincent James is my favorite. But I love the name James and can't use it. Long boring story...

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  • Vincent James :)


  • Thank you all!!
  • You can't go wrong. These are good!
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