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c section - bleeding question

I'm 4 weeks postpartum. Had a very long labor, 2 hours of pushing and a c section... I stopped bleeding but started again! My OB said I'm doing too much. I have a hard time sitting and if my house needs to be vacuumed I do it! I have been careful with what I lift for the most part.

Anyone else have this problem? How long did you bleed? How 'easy' did you take it up until your 6 week appointment?

Thanks for your thoughts!

Re: c section - bleeding question

  • I had a c section and I bled for a little over 2 weeks and stopped bleeding until a few days before 5 weeks so I'm guessing it was the start of my period since I had so long in between. It lasted 3 days and looks like it's beginning to stop. I didn't take it easy either because I also have a toddler and a house to take care of :)
  • I definitely suck at following the doc's orders with taking it easy, but if I don't, I pay for it later.  I've been very lightly bleeding/spotting for the past week or so (4.5 weeks PP now), and it only happens when I'm up and about too much.  Yesterday I noticed that my incision has come open in one spot, and now I'm sore as hell.  So if you overdo it, I would at least try to compensate with resting after. 
  • Kye042Kye042
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    I'm 5 weeks PP and just stopped bleeding a few days ago. I've been having to take it very easy as I also got an infection in my uterus after birth. I still cannot even lift my son in his car seat.
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    I'll be six weeks on Monday and am still bleeding occasionally, hoping it'll stop soon!
  • Yes, same thing happened to me. I stopped bleeding completely for about 3 days and then it came back pretty strong, almost like a period. I called the OB and she said it was normal. I'm breastfeeding, so I would assume it is not my period. Doctor wasn't worried so I guess I won't be either.
  • emi619emi619
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    I bled off and on (mostly on) for five weeks. This time around I bled much longer than I did with my first.
  • jc0n15jc0n15
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    for my first I pushed for over 3 hours and ended up with a c section and bled for 9 weeks. this time scheduled c section and I have pretty much stopped after 3 1/2 weeks

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  • 5 weeks pp with c sec and still spotting/light bleeding on and off it stops for a day and returns in another day,i do notice i have more bleeding or it returns if i go in the car on lumpy roads
  • I stopped bleeding when my LO was 3-4 days old. I started regular activity, without the gym and sex, at about 2 weeks and started bleeding again. I bled for about a month.
  • I bled until 4 weeks, then spotted for another week or so. My incision came open in one spot and ended up getting infected, which was extremely painful and required antibiotics and pain meds. Definitely try to take it easy if you can.
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