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Does the pump matter

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I have the avant single electric pump and it works but I only get 3/4 oz. Each pumping session and most of the time I still feel pretty full after pumping. I am wondering if I should by the medela PIS I was originally going to but recieve this one as a gift so I wanted to try it and save the money. Did anyone have one pump work alot better then others. I am 3 weeks pp and I return to work on Tuesday so I need a couple of bottles stored.

Re: Does the pump matter

  • I have the medela and it works beautifully! I space pumping out for every 4-5 hours depending how full I get. That way, I know I'm filing up DS bottles up nicely. I get a great supply too. :)
  • If you still feel full, I would get another pump. At first I used my old pump with baby, but I noticed my production going down and I didn't feel drained, so I got a new Medela and my production went right back up.

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