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Milk supply and Aunt Flo

FTM of twins, just over 6 weeks postpartum. Both boys had some latching issues, and my milk supply was a little delayed due to complications I had after delivery. So, we decided I'd pump to make sure both got the same amount of breastmilk, along with formula (I think I could feed one, but not two babies).

This was working well until yesterday when I noticed a drop in the amount I get when pumping (pump 6x a day - usually get 2-3 oz per pumping session).

And joy! AF came today. :-/

I've read that supply will decrease with AF, but should bounce back. Has anyone had experience with a similar situation? Any tips?

I had worked with a LC, and take Fenugreek.


Re: Milk supply and Aunt Flo

  • Please visit the website: for lactation cookies! They will help you! The website has a FAQ link as well! I would also try Mother's Milk tea. It doesn't taste good, but it helps! Anything for our little ones! hope you continue on your breastfeeding journey! And congratulations on your new little one!
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    You could check to see if a different sized flange might help when you pump. I hear if the flange isn't the proper size you could be leaving an extra oz or two in the breast. Also you could try products with brewer's yeast such as india malt drinks or beer if you haven't tried it already. Also to stay as hydrated as you can. It REALLY helps. Your supply really should bounce back after your period though :)
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  • Thanks, @bunnya! I appreciate the suggestions. I'm thinking I may need to look at my pump pieces.
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