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Labor tracking apps...recommendations?

Hi all! Haven't seen this yet, do you have any recommendations for apps to use to track your contractions and labor?

Re: Labor tracking apps...recommendations?

  • I used Contraction Master... I think. It's been 4.5 years. :-P
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  • Few days ago I downloaded FullTerm. I'm FTM so can't really say it's going to be useful or not. Only thing it does are kick count and contraction tracker.
  • Bump! I'm trying to decide which app is the best.
  • I downloaded the Full Term app a few weeks ago as well. I'm also a ftm, but it looked pretty handy for timing and keeping track of contractions.
  • I downloaded Full Term. At first I paid for some contraction timer deluxe nonsense and it freezes and won't work, had to keep deleting and reinstalling it. Full Term works great.
  • I've been using Pregnancy+ for just about everything during the pregnancy, and it also has a contraction timer on it.
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  • FTM but at birth class, Full Term was recommended. 
  • Mine's just simply called Contraction Timer. That's exactly what it does, so it works for me.

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