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TMI picture? Help!

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had a miscarriage 3 weeks ago. Bleeding and cramping only lasted a few days. My husband and I had sex 2 weeks after miscarriage (1 week ago). I spotted very lightly, only once after wiping yesterday. And now I get the occasional discharge that looks like this today. There's no foul smell or any discomfort. Could I have ovulated a week ago and this be caused from implantation???

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  • I haven't spent as much time looking at this board as the TTGP board, but I know over there it's highly recommended not to symptom spot or post pictures of discharge, toilets, pee sticks, etc. I'd suggest taking the picture down.

    As far as your question goes, there's no way for us to know if this is implantation or just part of your cycle (which can be different after a loss) or something else. Do you know if you ovulated a week ago? That is, are you charting and temping? You may not have ovulated yet based on your hormone levels post-mc.

    If you think you might be pregnant, take a test. If it's negative, you can test again in a week if still no AF. If it's positive, please keep in mind that your post-mc hormone levels may still be high enough to turn a test - so you would for sure need to confirm with a doctor.

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  • Dear god, YUCK!

    It is pretty unlikely that your HCG was low enough that you ovulatedso soon after mc. I would wait another week and take a preg test, but even then your HCG could still be high enough to test positive and not actually be preggo.

  • I don't know what I expected after seeing the title "TMI picture" but I clicked anyway. And that's gross. No one wants to see your wipe. Would you carry that with you to show your friends? 
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