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Working mom problems? can anyone relate?

I was a SAHM for the first 13 months after having my first child. I went back to work (I am a teacher) and my mom and MIL now babysit for DD. my daughter is extremely independent, personable and very social. She has no problem going to new people and is rarely shy. We have a very strong bond but she was never the kind of baby clinging to mommys side. When I went back to work she was totally fine ! I've been back at work for 4 months now. When I come home from work to pick DD up more often than not she screams and cries when she sees me and tries running away! It makes me feel so horrible and everyday when work ends I dread coming home because I feel so bad. I know it's because she had such a fun day and just doesn't want to go home or leave nanny or grandma but it really hurts me bad. When I go to pick her up she sometimes cries and reaches back for my mom or mother in law. Can anyone relate to this? People keep telling me I should be happy that she is having so much fun and didn't want to leave. This doesn't happen every single day but often enough. Any suggestions, tips? It's probably such an odd post but it really makes me so sad

Re: Working mom problems? can anyone relate?

  • Also, I understand her not wanting to leave where she is but why is she not happy to see me?? Those 13 months I was home wth her it was just us. I never left her with anyone other than my husband! We were constantly at the library, Gymboree, swimming lessons. It's just so frustrating...thank god work is almost done lol
  • I can relate.  My LO is 16 months and he goes in phases of not wanting to get dropped off, not wanting to be picked up, not wanting to leave or just fine with everything.  It is good that she is ok staying with other people though.  It is really hard dropping them off and they freak out.
  • I was only able to take a 3 month maternity leave. DD has been in daycare ever since (2 1/2 now) Only until recently has she really started getting extremely excited to see me. We do a lot of one on one and I try to teach her a lot about feelings when we are together so she has an understanding when all I want is a long hug! She will come back around to being excited to see you. You mentioned that she is social, im sure she is just loving having others to mingle with :)
  • I promise you aren't the only one :) There are days when I go to pick-up my son, and he does not want to leave. Other days I pick him up and he runs to me.

    It will vary from day to day until she really gets a grip as to what is going on. She will always remember you are her mom though :) and she will always love you so much. So just let it flow.

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  • Aw thanks! I appreciate it :) I feel silly but it's hard to come home to and feel like she doesn't want to see me
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