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Delivering in the city; HUP Or Jeff?

I've gone to Jefferson for my regular gyn appointments for years now. But, we recently moved to west philly and I'm thinking of transferring to HUP. I'm due in January, and I know it's silly, but I'm worried about getting across the city in a snowstorm. Plus HUP would just be easier in general. Does anyone have any advice or recs on diverting at Jefferson vs HUP?

Re: Delivering in the city; HUP Or Jeff?

  • I don't have experience with either... But if I were to choose I would defy choose HUP especially if you're living in West Philly!
  • Hi! I am in the exact same boat. Living in West Philly and due in January. I had the same worry about snow and getting across town. I decided on Pennsylvania Hospital, which is 8th & Spruce and hence a potentially snowy drive in labor, but it really has the best facilities and reputation. I looked online and the HUP facilities didn't look great. I don't think all the rooms are singles there. Pennsy was completely renovated a year ago. Everyone I know who has given birth has done it at Pennsy and so all of the doc recommendations I got were for ones that deliver there. Honestly, unless it is a total emergency, I will be able to get to Pennsy in the snow. If it is a total emergency I'd probably end up at HUP anyway. So, that's my two cents. How cool that we live in the same neighborhood and are due during the same month! My EDD is 1/16.
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  • @emzie54 so exciting! My EED is 1/7. Do you know of any moms groups or anything in our neighborhood? We're on the wait list for daycare at PIC. I figured I'd meet some local moms there but would be good to know any other resources.
    I know a lot of people who have delivered at Pennsy and loved it. It is beautiful. My bigger issue is appointments before and after. I'd rather not go all the way across town with a newborn. And it would be a lot easier for my boyfriend to come to appointments at HUP. We might tour HUP and see how it is. I agree, I checked their online tour and it's not great and no single rooms.
  • @pittstown13 I hear there is a breastfeeding group that meets at Studio 34, and a friend of mine is in a baby music group that meets on Tuesday mornings somewhere near Clark Park.  Have you joined the Pennsymom's google group yet?  I think that will be a good resource.  I just sent them a request to join.
  • Im 8 months , and have been going to HUP they are really good and friendly. Id recommend there for sure.
  • I delivered at HUP in 2011 and had a good experience. My perinatologist (high risk doc) happened to be the one on-duty when I went into labor and delivered my son. 

    No, not ALL of their rooms are singles, but the vast majority are, and they almost never have to "double up." 
  • I have also heard great things about Pennsylvania hospital at 8th and Spruce which is part of the Penn network. That's where I'm going.
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