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STM - Favorite diaper brands

What is everyone's favorite diaper brand?
I'm starting to price out diapers and will begin to stock up on newborn and different size diapers. We recieved as gifts 1 pack of size 1's and 1 pack of size 2. Both are different brands, one is Luvs and I haven't figured out what the other brand is (it was out of the package and put together as a diaper motorcycle). I don't want to go with just the cheapest diaper brand if they aren't going to be good, so would love to hear from all of you,

Re: STM - Favorite diaper brands

  • Luvs! Absolutely hated huggies, my son would constantly leak out of them.
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  • Pampers swaddlers for sure
  • For our daughter Pampers with the leak indicator lines were best for NB and size 1. Around size 2 or 3 we switched to Huggies Snug N Dry.

    I have stocked up on Pampers and Honest diapers for NB/1. Also have one box of Pampers size 2. Should be set for a while.
  • Pampers swaddlers!
  • Pampers and Luvs.
  • You can get pampers swaddlers at cvs with their $10 gift card deal when you spend $30 combined with manufacturer coupons and cvs coupons and they come out to about $4/pack. This is how I stocked up. You can also get huggies the same way for even cheaper because Huggies offers higher value manufact. coupons than pampers. I liked pampers swaddlers bc my first lo got friction burn from huggies. Pampers are mesh lined and generate less heat/rub.
  • We used Pampers Swaddlers through size 2. Then we switched to Cruisers.

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  • This topic has been discussed numerous times. If you search it you will find lots of great info-even within the last week.

    Pampers swaddlers.

    This. And Luvs. But it really doesn't matter what our favorite diapers are. Certain diapers won't work for some babies.
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  • I used Pampers Swaddlers as long as I could and then switched to Cruisers. Huggies never worked for my son, we always had leaks. I did just buy a pack of Honest Co just to give them a try.
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  • FTM here as well. We were given several packs of diapers at our shower ranging from size N to 3, and including Luvs, Huggies, Pampers, and an offbrand (we think it is Target brand?). We plan to just try them out and see what works for us.
  • I always loved pampers with my 1st born! He was allergic to off-brand and huggies though. We're trying out several different brands this time just in case. Our kids all have sensitive skin.
  • Trying them out as they go is your best bet. We ended up liking the Pampers Swaddlers and kept them on her until recently when we switched to Pull Ups. You can get the Swaddlers in larger sizes from Amazon and I use subscriptions through Amazon Mom to get discounts. They're pretty expensive, but they worked really well. We also found that the Target brand was good!

  • Pampers swaddlers. We tried Costco brand and they were good, just ran a little small like huggies.
  • pampers swaddlers. Tried target brand diapers but they gave LO diaper rash. Huggies were fine but just prefer the swaddlers.

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  • ambahambah member
    We started with huggies, she leaked through switched to much better!!!
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  • Pampers with all 3 of mine, every other brand leaked!
  • My favorite is the Wal Mart brand, Parents Choice. They are affordable and very absorbent, I can even use them for overnights with my 21 month old. They run a little big though, I usually just size down.
  • runweerunwee member
    I have always liked huggies for both of my boys. But have recently started getting honest diapers. Honest.Com or you can also purchase at target. My 2nd little would get rashes all of the time with any brand, even yeast infections. It Was awful. Since switching to honest he has not had any! I have already started stocking up for #3 with each shipment I get for my son I get 2-3 packs of diapers and extra packs of wipes for the new one!
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    I have been doing the same as @Lina224! Love CVS deals! I have stocked up on both pampers and huggies over the past few months in sizes nb-4.

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