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GA Medicaid help?

Today I received a letter stating I was denied medicaid. I applied through the health department in Gwinnett and being a single mother, I make less then the gross income bracket. I am almost 9 weeks pregnant. Has this happened to anyone? I don't understand why I was denied. Any advice? I am still on my parents insurance, but no longer live with them, and their insurance wont pay for it but they also won't drop me. I'm at loss here. Its like the government doesn't want me to have my job. Doctor bills are expensive and I can't afford that and it seems as if I quit my job I will get medicaid? I'd rather not quit my job though. So, any advice on what I can do?

Re: GA Medicaid help?

  • I'm on Medicaid as well, but I'm not working and have no other insurance. Not sure but I'm thinking they denied you because you have other insurance. Have you called them to ask why you were denied?
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  • If you are under the income brackett you should get coverage! Does your parents insurance not cover pregnancy? I'm sorry your dealing with extra stress at this time in your life!!!
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  • Did you apply before six weeks, if so that is the reason, reapply.
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