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Lilly or Lillian?

Which do you like better and why? :)

Re: Lilly or Lillian?

  • I like Lillian. You can't really shorten lily by much to give her a nickname. And I know a little girl named lily...and she's a monster. Her 24 year old mom has grey hairs already! Lol (not even her 43 year old mom has grey hairs yet!)
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  • I like the name Lillian because it's not as common of a name anymore.. I only know 3 Lillian's.. I think because it's an older name and people want all of these new modern names that it's not really common name anymore... I think Lillian with the nickname of Lilly is a great choice of a name!!
  • Personally I like lily, but I am spelling it Lilllie after my grandmother who passed away 6 years this coming September.
  • I love Lillian, and calling her lily. I like that when they are older they can have a more formal name, and when they are a child they can be called lily for a nickname.
  • I like Lily like the flower. Lillian just seems too proper to me. 
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  • My MIL would loooove you. She called both me and my sister-in-law asking us to name our daughters Lily. I'll point her in your direction. ;)

  • We thought we had a name picked out, but Lilly was suggested by our daughters and that's in consideration right now. 
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  • I like lily or liliana which is on my list.
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  • Lillian with the nn Lilly. I love classic names!

  • If we are having a girl (we found out Tuesday!) we are naming her Lily as opposed to Lillian. I can't really say why, just personal preference :)
  • I like Lillian - I think it works better for an adult (like on a business card) if she wants, but Lily is a super cute nickname for a little girl!
  • My niece is named Lilyanna and we call her lily
  • I like it either way. Very pretty names
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  •  My grandmother's name was Lillian Mae, but everyone called her Snookie. My niece's name is Lillian Renee, and we call her Lily or Lil. My brother used her first name for his daughter and I will use the middle name for my daughter's middle name (if we're growing a girl that is - we'll name her Olivia Mae).

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  • Lily. Lillian is just not as pretty IMO.
  • Lillyana was on our list for my DD but I would have called her lilly or Lil for short. I would personally always go for the long version as its better to have that option as an adult. I have a friend who was called Lizzie at birth. At 16 she paid to have her name changed to Elizabeth, as she preferred it for Uni and job applications
  • I think Lilliana is the best option with Lily ad a nickname. It was on our short list of girl names...but our little one is a boy so we're not going to get to use it.
  • We just found out that we are having a boy. Before we found out, if we were going to have a girl, her name was going to be Lily. I already have an Ivy. lol I think the name Lily is beautiful!
  • Lillian or lilliana. I like that it sounds proper. I think if you do those names you can always use Lily as the nickname
  • Lilliana is nice.  Lillian makes me think of a snooty, elderly woman who is rude to everyone.  Not sure why, but that's what comes to mind.  Might be related to some tv show. 
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  • Lillian with the nn Lily
  • Lillian. I named my daughter Lillian after my grandmother and we also call her Lilly. If you ask her what her name is she says "lillian" so proudly and it's adorable, she is 6. I tell friends and family they can call her by their preference and she answers to both. I picked the name when I was a child learning cursive. I loved to write cursive uppercase Ls. It is traditional, a family name for us, and beautiful with lots of variances. One of her preschool teachers used to call her "Lil".
  • I'm throwing in a wild card for Lillyanna. My friend just had a girl and they named her Lillyanna and I think it's cool that she can go by Lilly or Anna.
  • I am calling my daughter Lilly if it's a girl(despite my sil demanding she wants that name...she can have it! But so am I! I've called my dollies Lilly since I was about 2!) I had played with Lily, but I'm thinking double L now x
  • My daughter's name is Lilliana Mai. I like Lilly over Lillian. It drives me crazy when people call her Lillian! LOL. If you do name your baby Lillian there will be plenty of people calling her Lilly. I let my dad get away with calling her Lilly, but no one else. Its just a pet peeve of mine. She even corrects people now. " My name is Lilliana Mai ____ , not Lillian or Lilly". She is 5. 

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    I'd go with Lily or Lilly as a nickname and Liliana, Lillian etc as a formal name.  Lily is cute now but think about how it sounds on a resume...  by no means bad, but if she grows up to be a CEO she may want to use something more formal.  This way she has the option :)
  • I had a student named Lilliana this year and she went by both that and Lilly. I think Lilliana is prettier than just Lillian. I wouldn't go just Lilly it doesn't sound grown-up enough.
  • My youngest daughter's name is Lily Elizabeth. I have always loved the name Lily but am not a fan of Lillian. With all the "different" names out today I don't think Lily will draw any red flags on a resume 20 years from now.
  • WOW! We actually might use Mai as our middle name, too. Vietnamese. :)

    Thanks everyone. 

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