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Thinning cervix

daughter 19wks preggy with thinnig cervix at 1.7, does anyone had the same experience? from our own research, this is not good, im nervous for my daughter... anyone is welcome for advice! tnks

Re: Thinning cervix

  • I would encourage you both to talk to her OB
  • Thank You @mvargas12, daughter never fails to go to her OB, and always ask questions, but it seems they dont really explain much, so we just do our own research and read blogs like this... as of today, her cervix is gone and 1.7 cm dilated, not a candidate for cerclage doc said,....thanks God she has no contractions,,..just praying baby hangs on...
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  • @baloloy The problem with researching answers is that every pregnancy is so different and everything means something different for different people. If her OB isn't worried about it, then it might not be a big deal but I would be pushy about getting answers. Your daughter should know what's going on with her body and what it means for her and her baby. If they're not being open with her, I would consider switching doctors. Good luck!!! I'm really hoping you guys get the information you need to ease your worries and the treatment she needs to grow a healthy full term baby!!

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