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Hi Everyone!

I need help finding a OB/GYN!  I moved 1 1/2 years ago, and started attending my Dr. because of a recommendation from a coworker.  However, I feel like my Dr. is very vague, which is either due to lack of qualifications, or lack of people skills.  For qualifications: I was at the Dr. the day of my 2nd miscarriage with concerns that something was wrong, however, my Dr. told me everything looked fine and I was okay.  For skills: I am beginning fertility testing, however, I cannot get in contact with my Dr. about what potentially went wrong with the miscarriages, and what I am/should be tested for.

Clearly, my experience is due to nature and not because of by OB.  However, I would like someone who is up-to-date medically and who can take the time to see me and communicate with me.  Can anyone recommend a great OB/GYN?   I have great insurance, so I am accepted at nearly all offices.  I also live near Westfield, NJ.

Thank you all!


  • Hi there- sorry to hear that about your current doctor. I know how it is to not trust or not feel confident in an OB. That being said, I have not gone to their office yet but I have heard good things about Dr. Pinto and Dr. Little in Springfield. They were recommended to me by my son's NICU nurse at St. Barnabas. It might not be too close but worth a look.

    I didn't have fertility issues but was seeing an RE due to a uterine anomaly. I saw Dr. Garissi at IRMS in Westfield and was incredibly happy with her. Very nice woman and very attentive and knowledgeable. Also her staff is great (love Danielle) and everything tends to be done same day so results are quick. Wishing you the best of luck!
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