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Healing Severe Diaper Rash

My 11 month old daughter has very sensitive skin.  She is very light skinned, has eczema (which Aquaphor applied as a lotion after baths works wonders!), and as of late gets very bad cases of diaper rash (we're talking open wounds).  We have always applied Aquaphor with each diaper change, recently cut out citrus fruits and berries from her diet, purchased prescription strength butt paste (went through it in 3 weeks).  We ruled out diapers, wipes, soaps and detergents from causing the issue and determined it was caused by having frequent bowel movements.  Our doctor said my LO will probably just have this issue until she is out of diapers and to use hydrocortisone cream covered by Vaseline with every diaper change (the prescription strength diaper cream has hydrocortisone cream in it and we already used Aquaphor).  By chance I used a sample of the Honest Company's Organic Healing Balm that I had received and never used (didn't really know what it was used for) and it is working!!!!  I just wanted to let any other parents out there dealing with the same issue to know this may be a solution that also works for your LO. 

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    Try the honest diapers. We love them !! When LO was a nb she kept getting rashes and nothing was working I went to the HC it clearled up right away and still no issues. Also their whips are amazing too!
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    Oops wipes* sorry on phone
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    I haven't experienced a severe diaper rash...thank goodness! My sister's youngest two had it SO bad that they had open sores and scabbed! But even mild ones can be annoying to control too. I have daycare to blame for the flareups for my son and I had to be on them constantly to change diaper regularly. However, I have found thses things help control my son's diaper rash and help prevent it. First, change diaper often even lightly soaked diapers. Bath your baby in 2-3 table spoons of baking soda in baby bath and let baby sit in it for 10-20 minutes. Our pedi told us to do this upto 3 days but I did it for a week to calm the redness and small sores. Then pat dry bum and all skin creases. A blow dryer on warm setting dries the area very well. Generously powder an open diaper first with baby Gold Bond corn starch. Generously apply aquaphor, butt paste, or medicated diaper cream on upper parts and on baby's bottom. Carefully diaper baby trying not to spread powder in the air near baby face. Change baby often even during middle of the night wakeups only during bad diaper rash days.The acid from urine and stool is one of the reasons of diaper rash. After the diaper rash calms down or disappears, I stop the baking soda bath and continue with cream and cornstarch at night. Cornstarch works great in my opinion and I discovered this method during a research on healing diaper rashes. Oh yes, avoid purfumed wipes. Use sensitive brand wipes...this may help.
  • I would air it out for a little while and apply cream. Best thing is to air it out and keep friction off of it. But with a baby I know it's hard :(
  • Coconut Oil is a life saver! If you just get the coconut oil you buy from the grocery store and apply liberally, it does wonders on super sensitive skin and terrible diaper rash. Our LO was on antibiotics for a double ear infection and when we picked him up from his BM/daycare, his tush was practically raw. By the end of the weekend (3 days), he was almost 100% better and no longer fussy during diaper changes. You can use it with cloth diapers too whereas that's not a possibility with some of the store bought creams. It's also great for cradle cap, baby acne, and just as a normal moisturizer. 
  • A & D ointment is the only thing that would work for all 3 of my children when it comes to diaper rash.  Works wonders on extremely sensitive skin!!
  • My son would get constipated really bad when he was a baby and would get open wounds from it. We tried all sorts of baby cream/paste there is. The one that seemed to help most was called bag balm (we got it at wallgreens) I swear that stuff worked wonders. I'd also put cream on affected area then either add cornstarch or powder to the rest of the diaper.
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