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OPK question!

This is my first cycle using ovulation test strips. I had a positive test on days 14 & 15 of my cycle, and then the tests started fading after that, but never went completely away. Now again on day 19 I have another positive test...it's super dark. What is happening!? Anyone else experience this? 

Re: OPK question!

  • You can get multiple LH surges in a single cycle. Thats why its so important to temp so you can see an acutal ovulation dip. 
  • @MayBeSomeDay16 Interesting, I'm wondering if it's also possible that I released two eggs?
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  • I don't think you released two eggs. More like your body tried to ovulate but didn't and maybe now it is trying again.
  • @Bmnkids4 Ugh frustrating, we tried the first time I thought I was ovulating, but not the second...guess I shouldn't keep my hopes up.
  • I just went through that last month. It was my first month after the miscarriage. Although I didn't end up ovulating at all. I'm hopefull this month I will. I'm waiting for two more days of high temps to confirm O on FF. It's so frustrating.
  • If you keep getting this results I would suggest you use a digital test that measures the hormone your body releases when it is preparing to ovulate and the one that is released when you ovulate. That way you know if the first was just a peak. But regardless of what you use I wish you luck! Fingers crossed you won't need to use an OPK anymore :)
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