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life of breastpump

btdt moms, how long did your breastpump last?  I know I can get one from my insurance but my PISA still works from my daughter.  I pumped mostly for working full time.  Just curious what the typical lifespan is.
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Re: life of breastpump

  • I have a medela freestyle from my dd (which has been fantastic and still works), but decided to order a new one through insurance anyway to have have one with a new warranty just in case. So I got the spectra s2, and I have to say I really wish I had this one last time. I am literally able to express twice as much milk in half the time as my old pump. I still use the freestyle when away from home since it is battery powered and the s2 is not (the s1 model is the exact same but with battery, but was not covered by insurance), but I definitely recommend getting one through your insurance at least as a back up.
  • I am planning on using my same PISA for my 3rd baby. I used it once a day for 6 months with #1 and once a day for 8 months with #2. I just replaced the membranes and tubing. How long after the baby comes can you still get a pump from your insurance?

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  • I got a new one through insurance and then kept one at home and one at work. I loved never having to cart it back and forth for when I occasionally had to pump at home.
  • I exclusively pumped with a PIS with my last baby in 2010 & at 9.5 months my supply dropped to basically nothing within a matter of a week- I thought it was me- but 2 weeks after I stopped pumping I got a recall email from medela. I was pumping 8-10 x per day for 9.5 months.
  • I had the Medela PNSA Starter with my first child (it still works great!) but the warranty is only a year so I went ahead got one through my insurance with the help of Aeroflow Healthcare.  Now I have a backup which is nice and I can bring it when I go back to work. 
  • I had my old pump tested and it was weak on the higher levels. So I am using my insurance pump. When I go back to work I will use the insurance pump at work and the old pump at home.
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