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Exercise and low energy

I am 16 weeks with twins, and have still been struggling with low energy. I just finished college classes for the year, so I am off for the summer (other than taking a few classes online). I was wondering if it is more important for me to get in a bit of walking everyday (my doctor said I should keep it at just walking) or if it is more important for me to just rest and not worry about being active. Before I was pregnant I was pretty active, I would go to the gym and jog 3-4 days a week and I lifted weights. During the first trimester I was pretty sick so I didn't do much, so it is hard to get back into a routine. Any suggestions? Or others who are dealing with this problem?

Re: Exercise and low energy

  • EmJ628EmJ628 member
    Congrats!!! You might find that walking makes you feel a bit better and gets your energy up. I am 28 wks and I take it day by day. Some days I come home and I am so exhausted I don't think I can do a thing, but a little stroll usually picks me up. We have a dog so I usually walk 2mi a day with her
  • I was able to work out until 40 weeks with my singleton but with the twins, I've had to stop at about 22 weeks :). I just didn't have the energy (for a workout). And the times when I did do it, I was done for the day a lot earlier than normal. So I went to just walking my 17 month old in her stroller or wagon and the walking still made me feel good. I've since been taken off exercise completely and realized a twin pregnancy is a whole other ballgame! Good luck.

    And when I mentioned my exhaustion to my OB, she tested me for anemia. I wasn't anemic - just normal exhaustion!




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  • Thank you ladies! I have 2 dogs, so at least I get out to walk them a little bit each day
  • I will be 16 weeks tomorrow and I'm feeling the same way. I try to take my 8 and 5 year old out to the bike trail and the park as much as I can but sometimes the heat gets to me. All the times I said " I love being pregnant!" is biting me in the butt now :) LOL.

  • I'm super exhausted too. Like you I worked out about 5 days a week before pregnancy, running and little. I did crossfit. Now I have no energy. I tried doing t25 for a while but had to do the modifications and eventually even that was too much. I'm winded super fast. Now I'm down to walking on an incline which is much better. We do have to listen to our bodies and realize we are carrying 2. It's tough but I'm in love with these guys and they are definitely running the show.
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    I'm 33 weeks tomorrow. Haven't been able to work out since about 7 weeks. I ran, lifted and did hot yoga before. Awful all day morning sickness, migraines, pelvic varicosity, normal fatigue, contractions ... It's been one thing after another. I have high hopes for after they're born though! Ha. Do whatever makes you comfortable. I wish I could have continued throughout but it just wasn't in my cards.

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