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Another VBAC success story (long)

I successfully VBAC'd last Thursday! On Wednesday, my water broke around 10am, and we hurried to the hospital because I had tested positive for GBS.

When I got there, I was a 3, 50% effaced, and at a -2 station, which was what I was at my 40 week appt the day before. 3 hours later I'm checked again and had progressed to a 4 and effaced to 70%. At this point I was super excited because with my DS (c section) it took 10 hours with pitocin to go from a 2 to a 4.

So I kept waking, stretching, using the birthing ball and everything else that I felt I needed to do. I would have times where I wouldn't have contractions for 30 mins, then I'd have them every 1-3 minutes for close to an hour. They would never really regulate, but were intense at times.

So at 5pm (2.5 hrs after the check with a 4) I'm checked again and had made no progress. We talked it over and made the decision to start pitocin in small doses to see if we could regulate everything. They started pit between 7 and 8, and had me sit to rest because my contractions were coming too fast (the nurse didn't want the on call Dr to turn pit off for this). She was able to get my contractions to come at regular intervals, so we became hopeful. Fast forward to midnight--checked again and still no change.

Around 5 I decided to get on the list for an epi because I was exhausted. Epi in around 6, dose off for 30 mins, wake up to epi failing. Checked and no progress again.

Epi gets fixed, doesn't work. (I ended up needing 4 tries eventually). My Dr comes in at 745, and I'm expecting her to tell me I'll need a repeat. Instead, she tells me that baby is looking great and so am I, so she would give me until 1130 (1.5 hours past the 24 hr mark) to make any type of progress. If I moved at all, she would let me continue if all was well and if not we'd do the repeat.

So I tell the nurse I need to change positions and lay on my side. We do this and the pain is picking up, so we call to talk to them again about the epi. It gets adjusted, and 15 mins later I'm feeling lots of pressure and pain. I'm checked and at a 6, 90% effaced. They keep trying to fix the epi because it's only working on 1 side (and we were concerned that if there was an emergency we'd want it working all the way.) So, I laying there and at 1130 I'm feeling more pressure and call the nurse--i made it to a 9 and 100% effaced!!

45 mins later I know I'm ready to push, but they made me wait 30 more terrible mins to get people in place. Finally a resident comes in and says we're going to start so that I'll have him right as the Dr comes in. After 5 contractions, they yell to stop because she's not going to make it. They ready everything and my dr comes running in--hes out in 2 pushes!!

My sweet baby was born 27 hours after my water broke, 8lb 14 oz just a bit bigger than my first. I'm so elated and just wanted to share my experience. I have a 3rd degree tear, but I immediately felt great and haven't had much pain.

Good luck to anyone else thinking of a VBAC. It can be a little scary, but the right provider and nurses really can make all the difference in the world.
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