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Fill in the blank, Moms!

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The one crazy trick that got my baby to sleep was _______________

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Re: Fill in the blank, Moms!

  • Bouncing with her on a bouncy ball
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  • Soothing music.
  • kissellkissell member
    Moving and stretching her very gently to release any lingering burbs that make her agitated. Works like a charm!
  • sjw93sjw93 member
    Put a pillow under Moses basket to lift up top end up so he was just laying flat on his back.
  • Going down stairs! Every time I bundle him up to take the dog out, even if he's upset by the time I get to the bottom of the stairs he's either asleep or calm! It's too bad they're steep (second floor apartment) or I'd walk the stairs all night!!
  • Playing goodnight sweetheart song from youtube over and over.
  • Laying in bed letting him babble until he falls asleep.
  • Getting her comfy by giving her a warm bath, dim lights, bottle and laying her on my chest does the trick every time.
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  • Lavender baby bath & lotion!
  • Using the same blankie to cuddle every night. Gives him a connection to bedtime and naps.
  • Daddy holding him in his hands and moving him up and down in the air

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  • Rolled up blanket under he knees.  She would wake up when her legs would straighten out so once I gave her legs a little support, she felt more secure and went right to sleep!

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  • I bounced on a bouncing ball too. :) Generally my LO loves being bounced or rocked to sleep, exept at night when we first bathe him, massage him, feed him and off he goes to sleepy land.
  • I sang Smelly Cat (from the show Friends...) and my LO was out in moments!

    Ha! I sing that to my little guy. My 8 and 10 yo think I'm nuts! When he has a dirty diaper I change it to "smelly pants".

  • Running water.
  • Baby wearing. Works every time!
  • Bfing or letting her comfort suck until she falls asleep.
  • Luck!!! Sleeping hasn't been a huge issue for us. Yet ;)
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  • Double swaddling-- makes it harder for him to bust out and startle himself awake!
  • Running the sink fosset while rocking him to sleep
  • Putting her face-down over my knee and massaging her lower back to get all the gas out! :D
  • Halo sleep sack, without it is never get to sleep.
  • Baby wearing and ocean sounds
  • Playing goodnight sweetheart song from youtube over and over.

    I sing this song over and over until he falls asleep - works every time !

  • The best musical mobile in the whole world! It even made my list of must-have products to survive 0-3m with twins!

    My favorite activities and tips for surviving different phases with our twins!

  • Adding a warm fuzzy blanket to nursing or wearing him. He loves to be warm and conks out very quickly.
  • Wrapping her in a warm blanket.
  • Double swaddled and our Tranquil Turtle
  • Swaddling with her arms in! Only a sleep sack works otherwise she gets them out easy!
  • Rocking her to sleep in front of a running faucet lol!!
  • Turning on house music and club-dancing her. Puts her to sleep in about 30 seconds. I've no idea why that works. But it works.
  • Luck!!! Sleeping hasn't been a huge issue for us. Yet ;)

    Us too. Olive is a champion sleeper.

    Waiting for the other shoe to fall..
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