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Suggestions with how to cope with hubby going overseas?!

My husband got an amazing opportunity to assist the warfighter overseas for a 6 month period and will luckily be back 3 weeks before our first child's due date! However, I'm nervous about all that he will miss of the pregnancy, like finding out the gender, seeing my belly grow, etc.  I work full time, therefore, there's just nights and weekends I will be home, but my family lives a few hours away and I have to stay home mostly for our pets. I know I will be catching up on lots of Netflix, but I want to be doing something much more stimulating for baby! Any suggestions on how to cope with this? Any activities I should get involved with that will help?

:) Kayla 

Re: Suggestions with how to cope with hubby going overseas?!

  • I highly suggest taking classes, baby care, birthing, breastfeeding. Sending him videos and updates when you can. Fleet and Family has a new moms group, Navy and Marine relief had a budgeting for baby class.

    Find a hobby, take a prenatal yoga class. Take your dogs for a hike on the weekends. Keep it fun. Engage him in the room decor theme picking and any other choices you can. Have him record a video of him reading to baby, so that you can play it for baby to hear his voice. The USO has a great united through reading program.

    Some FRGs do a baby shower for moms with dad's deployed too, that's something to look into.
  • Connect with the FRG and centering birth at the navy hospital. My husband is on deployment and will be back a month before due but I'm lucky to have moved in with my parents. I'd be a wreck living alone. Good luck to you.
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