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Change in PMS symptoms?

Hey ladies, I think I am approaching my first AF post d&c. I ovulated two weeks ago and my d&c was one month ago, so if everything goes on usual cycle, I should start in the next few days. My question for those of you that have already had their first cycle is, were your symptoms leading up to it different from the norm? I have always just had cramps a few days before, but I have had tender breasts and headaches these last few days along with some intermittent cramps. I hope this isn't my new norm, I am used to some minor cramps, but sore boobs and headaches? Blah.

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    Sorry for your loss.
    AF came exactly a month afterwards for me and it wasnt like any other period. Usually i can feel when Im ovulating but I think I missed that feeling since i was just recovering.
    I usually have very bad cramps but I felt nothing of the sort, just extreme fatigue. After 2 weeks of mostly a light period it looks like it's finly ending now. If you look up AF, you'll see that many experience AFs that are unlike their normal ones!
    Hope it comes for you soon!
  • Well I hope it isn't too horrific if it comes this week, we will be driving from Indy to Florida for a funeral and that is not something I want on a long car ride. :/
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  • I started my 2nd AF after mc yesterday and my PMS symptoms both times have been much worse. Quite sore boobs, intense cramps, nausous and and heavier bleeding. Good news, apparently my body can read a calendar as AF came on CD 28. lol
  • Sorry for your loss!!

    For me, I never used to have PMS but after the miscarriage and every month before AF, I would have PMS symptoms making me think I was pregnant every time. I am not used to it :(
  • Thanks ladies. I actually took a HPT before we left since AF hadn't shown up and I got a BFP. So,not PMS symptoms like I thought but early pregnancy symptoms. Praying you all get your BFP soon too!
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