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Loss of pregnancy, army con leave

just wondering if there's any women in the U.S. Army Active duty who have any idea about taking con leave when a miscarriage happens. I looked up the regs and it said basically a physician approves the amount of days you get with a termination in pregnancy. I had some government civilian doctor tell me that there's no point in giving me con leave since I'll be back to normal soon. And she said women don't get con leave from miscarriages. She put me on quarters for three days.... And I'm just confused to why. Is this normal? If there's anybody here knowing what I'm talking about.. I was pretty sure I'd get con leave. "Hey I know you crying right in front of me but hey you'll be just fine in three days- here ya go"

Re: Loss of pregnancy, army con leave

  • I'm AD army, I have not gone through this but a very close friend of mine just did. She had a miscarriage and she was not given any con leave, just quarters. I absolutely do not agree with it of course but that unfortunately seems to be the case :(
  • I'm a medic in a clinic...we've had a few miscarriages in the past couple months and none have gotten con leave. All were very early on, though, so it may be possible...
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    I had a miscarriage in January. My company just let me go home the day it happened and it was a Friday. I went to OB sick call the following Monday and the doctor gave me con leave for 5 days. So Monday thru Friday and then the weekend. So, that's weird to me.

    Edit: I was only 6w1d.
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