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Squishy Lump Below Breasts and Above Uterus?

Hey ladies, I'm getting worried about this squishy type lump/bump just below my breasts/above my uterus. It's clearly defined and seems to go across my whole belly on top and it's definitely not my baby bump. I started noticing it late second tri and even more so now at 34 weeks. I always just assumed it was my stomach being squashed up there but I've been wondering if it could be something else like an enlarged liver or something but can't find a single thing on google about this! There's no pain but I'm a little worried since I can't seem to find anyone that has the same sensation. DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE/FEEL THIS?! I haven't mentioned it to my OB yet because there hasn't been any pain and I thought it was probably just my organs getting smooshed. Any thoughts?!

Re: Squishy Lump Below Breasts and Above Uterus?

  • My very uneducated guess is its either your stomach, liver or intestines based solely on this picture. image
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  • I've seen that which is why I was thinking it might be my liver and that concerns me if I can't find anyone else that can "feel" it to touch!
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  • My very uneducated guess would also be that it is some kind of organ or something that is all jumbled up. Maybe mention it to your doctor at your next appt though to be safe. Or it might even be worth calling a non emergency line they might have to ask if you're concerned.
  • My educated guess (friendly neighborhood biology teacher, here), is that your organs are just pressed upward. If the only symptom is that you can "feel" the organs, I wouldn't worry about it. You don't describe having any other symptoms of liver distress, or any other gastric issue, so it probably isn't of any concern. If you're really worried, call your doctor; we can't diagnose you over the internet.
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  • Haha, I have the same thing!  I'm assuming (as pp mentioned) its all my organs squished up there and haven't worries since it is not painful or inhibiting (I haven't even had indigestion/heart burn)... only funny to see.  

    Check this out for a visual on what I am assuming is happening...
  • Thanks ladies!
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