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Pregnant and recently weaned toddler=feeling weird physically

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About six days ago I quit cold turkey nursing my 2 1/4 year-old. (Why? Because there are no words to describe the pain of a toddler with all his teeth biting down and pulling away!) I'm 19 weeks pregnant.

Now I'm feeling ill sometimes.

Anyone else have to adjust?
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Re: Pregnant and recently weaned toddler=feeling weird physically

  • I haven't any personal experience, but could you have mastitis? That can cause a small infection and a fever. And I don't know about you, but I didn't feel great throughout some parts of my pregnancy either!
  • I did t the same, i weaned my daughter off about a month after she turned two, the pain was so unbearable and she was finally drinking cows milk. Thankfully i didn't feel too bad but i did feel weird, and my boss hurt a bit. To help, i would shower with warm water and massage to alleviate the discomfort
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  • mshukhmshukh
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    i quit cold turkey last Friday (5 days ago). So far not feeling anything odd physically. Just an emotional mess. I do believe there is a big hormonal shift that occurs when you stop nursing. Could that be one of the reasons you are feeling "odd"? Not to mention the pregnancy. 

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