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Not sure if I'm starting my period or what, I have almost every time I go to the restroom a little blood but not a lot I've had cramps for the last couple days on and off. This would be CD 23 so it's possible it's my period just not that heavy at all I don't even have to wear a pad. Anyone have this happen to them?

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  • I was told that if you don't need a pad or a tampon then it is not your period.  :-\

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  • Yea it was getting a little bit heavier when I wiped but now is gone again. I know my doctor said that I had a small clot left when he did the ultrasound so I'm wondering if what is left is coming out slowly. The bleeding only got a little heavier after sleeping after I had sex. It's just annoying to not know if it's coming out what :-w
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  • After I thought the miscarriage bleeding was over, I started getting cramps and spotted for a few days and on the 4th day a piece of something came out and all bleeding stopped. That was day 18 for me.
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