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TTC After a Loss

TTC after Ectopic

My husband and I experienced an ectopic with our first pregnancy. I received methotrexate on Saturday since it was caught early. Right now, we're starting to emotionally cope with our loss. My question is, even though we are no where near ready physically and emotional right now, how long did y'all wait to start trying again? It's recommended 30 days following methotrexate then at least 2 cycles (roughly 3 months). That sounds like forever but it might be what we need. Again, right now we are nowhere near ready to even discuss. I know we will know when the time is right for us and everyone is different but just was curious about the rest of y'all. Thank you and God Bless!

Re: TTC after Ectopic

  • My DH and i started immediately after my MC in April. I had no dr's restrictions. But we have not had any luck getting pregnant again :(
  • We waited the recommended one cycle, but I think my body is rebelling because this is my second cycle and I haven't ovulated yet.

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  • Sorry for your loss. I just had one this week too...My doctor said one cycle also
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  • My doctor said one cycle for my MMC/d&c, but I've read you have to wait longer after ectopics, so definitely go with what your dr recommends. But to answer your question, I was anxious to try again asap. My hcg stuck around longer than usual, so cycle 2 wasn't normal. Fx that I will ovulate next time.
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