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Babies R Us mystery registry gift

this morning my doorbell rang and it was purolater delivering a package. Turns out someone bought our stroller from the registry and shipped it directly to us (shower is this Sunday). There is no indication on the box or shipping label who it is from. Really hoping someone at the shower claims it because it would be pretty awkward asking people if they bought it, especially since it is such a generous gift. Any suggestions on how to politely inquire who gave it to us if nobody volunteers the info? i want to make sure they are properly thanked but they might not realize that their name isn't on the package and they have to tell us it is from them.

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  • We had this happen with the car seat last time! We asked our parents and neither of them had purchased it, and found out a week or so later it was my husbands aunt that had sent it to us. I really wish they would put a name on the inside of the box somewhere.
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  • They really should put the purchasers name on it somewhere. If it was a cheaper gift I wouldn't have an issue asking people but I feel odd asking someone if they bought us an almost $700 gift. I feel like they might think we are implying that we would expect that kind of a gift from them. I really didn't expect anyone to buy it, I only put it on the registry so we could use the completion program (whatever that is) to save some money!
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  • Is there a customer service number listed somewhere? Maybe you could call and explain to them that you received it as a gift but the gift giver's name was not included. A lot of times they can track that info esp if you have an order number from the packing list.

  • The person who bought it must have not included a mesage because I got crib sheets from my husband aunt and it had a message as well as he name and her address.

  • It should be on the packing slip in the box. We had a few gifts shipped and the packing slip was at the bottom!! Sure enough it said shipped from and shipped to us, so I was finally able to send a thank you note to my mystery sender :)
  • The store should be able to tell you since it was shipped.
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    Does BRU not have a thank you note manager on the registry that tells you who bought what? I've been avoiding it on Amazon because I don't want to know before the shower, but theirs gives you the name and address of everyone who bought something (Along woth what they bought). I remember out Williams Sonoma and crate and barrel registries had this when we got married, so I thought it was a standard feature!!
  • If you call BRU registry support they can tell you who purchased it. We had the same problem too.
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    Same thing happened to us with a gift from Target. Turned out it was because the giver used a gift card. Just call customer service and explain. They should be able to tell you who the purchaser was.
  • Same thing happened to us! Someone bought us a mama too my sister and mom said no and I was shocked when we opened it. The label and paper inside states who bought the item or it at least should ours did and my amazing aunt and uncle got it for us!
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    For the travel system we received from our registry, the packing slip was taped to the outside of the box. On that paper I was able to see who purchased it for us.
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  • I just really want to know who was it
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  • I'm reviving this thread because I was removing something from our registry when I noticed two things had been purchased off of it. I looked to see what it was and it was our crib and our organic mattress. I was pretty stumped as to who would spend that much on us, besides my mother, and it wasn't her. I called Buy Buy Baby and found out it was my dad's mother. Of course, we're so grateful, but now I don't know how to thank her properly. The crib won't be here for 8-12 weeks and the mattress will take about the same amount of time. I don't know if I should write the note now that I know it was her, or if I should wait until it gets here and then write it.
  • Carleyec93 you should wait and maybe add a picture of it all set up.
  • @carleyec93 I would wait until it's delivered then she will know you got it.
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  • @Saratiff Yeah, that makes sense. I will wait. I think my hesitation was knowing that she spent that much on us and I know about it and not giving her any recognition for it for 8-12 weeks didn't feel right. But its better that I wait so she knows I got it and now that I think about it, she will be here visiting in 8-12 weeks. :D What would I do without you people?!
  • I dunno I keep playing with my registry and I know some eager beavers bought things already. I don't want them to know I stalked.... >:)
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  • @Saratiff Its hard not to look! I really wouldn't have noticed, except I logged on to put our moby wrap on there and couldn't help myself when I saw something had been purchased. I feel like a kid on Christmas who rips the paper off his present to see it early. :-S
  • This happened to me a couple of weeks back. I just took to Facebook and asked had anyone sent me a gift because I wanted to thank them. I got a text from a friend saying she sent her gift in the mail because she might not be able to make the shower. Once she told us what it was we knew it was her gift.
  • Maybe the person wanted to gift it anonymously?
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