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Heard a new old wives tale...

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heard a new wives tale today that if your having a boy you have more aggression and anger throughout your pregnancy and if you have a girl you tend to be more emotional and weepy (sorry for the word choice. No offense intended)
What do you ladies think of these who know what you're having or have kiddos already?

Re: Heard a new old wives tale...

  • So I'm having a girl, and I will say that I am NEVER a crier, but within the past 4 and a half months I've probably cried more than I have in 4 and a half years! That being said its only maybe been 3 or 4 times so far. Definitely had some agitation, but nothing too too crazy.

    For me this theory works. Best of luck!
  • I cried like a crazy lady my whole first pregnancy and had a boy. The crying has started again this time (almost forgot how much fun that is at work), but we don't know what we are having yet. No anger either time.
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  • I was very mean with my son and am really mean now lol idk what this baby is yet though but pregnancy turns me into a b***h
  • I've not been emotional at all really. But I have been more bitchy than normal. Not with my husband or anything. Just things that slightly annoyed me before now make me super ticked. Im having a boy, so your theory works for me! :)

  • I think I've been more emotional than usual, but also aggressive too...I'm having a boy, so not sure where I stand! :))
  • I have 3 boys and all 3 pregnancies were different, symptom wise and emotionally. 4 more weeks before I find out with this one but I have a little of both so guess I have a 50/50 chance!!
  • Nope - I'm having a girl and definitely have serious anger management issues right now - it's really scary to watch apparently :)
  • All wives tales pointed to boy, but we are having a girl! They are fun, but definitely don't buy into them.
  • I was emotional and weepy with DD anf this pregnancy i am not crying at all- just aggresive. We'll see if its a boy this time :)

  • I am emotional, weepy, angry, agressive, irrational and probably a big ol' c*** 90% of the time since becoming pregnant. I'm having a girl. I totally blame her. Brat.
  • Darn it! Based of this old wives tail my child is a boy and a girl, lol. In other words....my emotions are so all over the place.
  • I was emotional in all my pregnancies and they were all boys. Don't know about this one for sure, but all the "old wives tales" say girl with all my pregnancies including this one, but my gut feeling is another boy. My gut feelings have been right every time thus far.
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    Pretty true for me...I'm having a boy and I've been irrationally aggressive, irritable and angry. Which is not how I am at all when I'm not pregnant.
    Example: last night while prepping food to go on the grill, I asked my husband to hand me the foil out of the cabinet he was standing next to. He didn't hear me because he was talking to his brother, but in my irrational angry mind he was ignoring me and here I am doing everything by myself like always so I said a few choice words and angrily wrapped my corn on the cob and threw it on the grill. I don't know how to grill anything. I apologized 10 minutes later and asked for help.
  • I do see my irritable lately.  And I cry with weepy commercials, sad news on Facebook about animals and the worst..I have even cried when someone gets chopped on the Chopped show.  LOL  My hormones are insane.  I'll say pretty true. 

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  • I'm having a girl and wouldn't say I have cried much at all. I have however been laughing uncontrollably...
  • I don't know what I'm having.  I prefer to think of my attitude as take charge instead of aggressive.  There are things that need to be done in my life right now and you can either step up and help or step aside and let me get shit done.  I have no patience for dithering around. 
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  • This is definitely true for me (having a boy, and have been more angry lately). But I've always leaned more on the bitchy side than the weepy side. So I guess that doesn't really prove much. ;)
  • Funny :) based on this I'm having a boy then! I'll have to wait till they're born to see if it's true!
  • I call BS on this wives tale. I'm always crying while pregnant and this is my second boy! It's so funny to hear these types of things.. Like cats will suffocate your newborn baby or more women give birth on a full moon!! Lol silly
  • I love hearing all these old tales. Makes me wonder where or how they came up with them or if these were actually old methods for gender prediction before technology advanced. I love hearing everyone's take on them haha
  • I definitely have a shorter temper even though I am keeping it undercontrol. I am still a little more irratated at what DD1 does. Not weepy at all so we shall see on the 22nd.
  • Definitely more aggressive lately! Annoyed with all the books that say your emotional roller coaster levels off during the second trimester. What a complete load of $&!!.
  • Guess I'm having a penguin because I've been pretty emotionally stable thus far... hahaha
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  • I have a 5 year old boy and I'm pregnant with a girl right now.

    I feel like my emotions have been pretty much the same with both pregnancies though.  I'd say I'm more emotional, certainly not aggressive at all.  

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