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How much is your baby eating?

Hi all! My son is 13 weeks old and he's been on formula only for about 3 weeks now. We feed him at least 5oz (sometimes 6-7) at each feeding and we aim for every 3 hours but sometimes he only lasts two. Of course we feed him when he "asks" and don't make him wait, but I wonder if I should increase the number of ounces per feeding?

I'm curious how much formula others feed their babies at this age? 
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Re: How much is your baby eating?

  • My 3 month old is eating 5-6oz every 5-6hours if he seems still hungry then feed more if he's spitting a lot back up then lower the amount that's what my pediatrician told me.
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  • My daughter ate 6-8oz every 3-4 hours. Now at 15 weeks it's always 8oz ever 3-4 hours.
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  • My daughter is 13 weeks old and was born 9 weeks prematurely. She's taking 3 oz per feeding and sometimes she doesn't finish it. I'm concerned that she might not be eating enough.. Should I be worried?
  • My son was born 5 weeks early but was the size of a 31week old due to issues gaining weight. He won't take more than 3oz a 5-6 times a day and he will be 5 months tomorrow. I have been worried about his eating as well but our pediatrician said he's gaining weight and not to worry. Just take them in for a weigh in to check on his weight. I'm sure everything is fine.
  • Every baby is different. In my opinion, there's no right or wrong answer. My pedi suggested we start our LO on rice cereal and baby food since he was eating so much so often. About 14 ounces every 3 hours. They said he should only be getting 32 ounces a day, but that's not enough for him! :( It seems to be working with the baby food and rice cereal so I would suggest, listen to what your doctor says, they know you LO best. And use your best judgment :)

  • Our babe is 21 weeks old and eats 4-5.5 ounces every 4 hours. I try to give as much breast milk as possible, and supplement with formula when I fall short. He gets about 1-2 formula bottles a day.
  • Our babe is 6 months this week. He gets 5-6 oz BM 2-3 times per day, and 4-6 oz of formula 1-2 times per day (every 4 hrs). About 25-30 oz daily.

    As a snack we also give baby food.
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