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Weight loss with pumping vs breastfeeding.

I was wondering if pumping had the same effect with weight loss as breastfeeding does. Has anyone lost weight pumping? I've heard that some woman don't loss at all and even gain when breastfeeding... Anyone have experience with this? I plan on breastfeeding/pumping with this one, I couldn't with my first. She wouldn't latch so I pumped but I had a terrible supply no matter what 
I did, so I only lasted about a month. 

Re: Weight loss with pumping vs breastfeeding.

  • I solely pumped because my son was tongue tied and could not latch properly. I lost a lot of weigh pumping milk.. I went from 207 at 39 weeks, then after having him lost 22 lbs, and by the time I was done pumping 6 months later I was 152 !
  • Oh wow, well that's good to hear. I'm in the same weight boat as you, hoping it works for me too. Ty!
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  • I don't think it matters. I've heard you burn about 20 calories for every ounce. I didn't lose much weight while breastfeeding/ pumping. I think I ate more than when I was pregnant. So it all depends on how often eat and exercise too. Knowing that this time around I'm gonna try to be a bit more healthy about what I consume.
  • I gained 65 pounds with my twins & now they are 3 months old and I'm back to my original weight. I exclusively pump so I think it definitely works. Whether you pump or nurse I'm sure it will have the same weight loss result.
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