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Blanching or thrush?

I'm an EPer (2 weeks post pardum) and I notice my nipples turn white after pumping and also while in the shower. I do get small pains every now and then in my breasts, but no itching. My nipples are cracked due to poor latching and aggressive pumping. I'm terrified that it might be thrush. Anyone experience anything like this?

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    I just found out yesterday that baby and I have thrush. I have no itching, but shooting pain in both breast. The most painful is the cracked nipples that just don't heal. Doctor prescribed us both nystatin. I think I am also going to try get gentian violet to see if that helps as well. I would go to the doctor and see if they can help!
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    I do have an appt this week with my OB. In the mean time I am using a vinegar wash on my nipples and anti-fungal cream. My LO has no symptoms, but I have always exclusively pumped, so he doesn't come in contact with my breast.
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  • I did not EP, but had blanching from pretty early on. I saw an LC, and asked her about it and she said it was due to DSs poor latch. Never caused any problems, but I did notice a little pain/burning when I saw them turn white. I noticed it too when getting in the shower. I think the change in temperature can cause bring it on. I went to the dr once because I was super paranoid that I had thrush and I was told that the nipples would be white and flakey. Hopefully your dr will tell you it's nothing!
  • Look up Raynauds Syndrome. It's a spasm on the blood vessels in your nipples when breastfeeding or pumping. I have it on one side. I just make sure that after DD unlatches that I cover myself up to keep my nipple warm. The change in temperature can cause it, that's why you also see it when you're in the shower (hot water-cooler air)
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