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  • 1. I just used my old AIM/Yahoo from high school when I signed up on the Knot.

    2. I took the first two letters from my first name, the first three letters from my middle name, and the last four letters from my maiden name. I wanted something original that didn't sound too much like a high school SN.

    3. I don't really read other screen names. ☺️
    Married 8/29/09
    MC: 9/14
    Goober #1 born: 8/17/15
    MC: 9/16
    Goober # 2 EDD: 6/27/17
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    I have a bunch of Sn's wrong.  apparently I read whatever the hell I want to instead of what things actually say!

    My screen name is me and my DH Jess and Andy 09

    I used it when I started on the Knot, we got married in '09.

    I read @chavemann10 as Caveman  I used to call ABvintage AB- vantage in my head (like advantage but with abs- she left with the big exodus)  I never knew that @breezymeema wasn't breezymama until this post.  I add a "s" on emmacakes name I always think of pancakes when I see it, you know the kind made of emmas instead-LOL
    I call @hjphillips Hi phillips when I read it.
    I [email protected] daisy dukes
    I call @ CaliforniaDream87 California dreamin
    I call @sjra1028 Sriracha
     Personally I hate when SN's have numbers in them because I can never remember the numbers when I go to tag someone :-(
    Poor pregnancy brian.

    I always read devidduke412 as davidduke... I get so many of these wrong!!
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