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Has anyone had sex yet? Probably TMI

If so, how was it? I am not going to lie.. I am nervous! I am nearly 6 weeks pp and I feel ready emotionally/hormonally but am nervous physically!

Re: Has anyone had sex yet? Probably TMI

  • Not yet...only 2 weeks PP and not sure how much longer we can last! I had one 2nd degree tear and one 1st degree, as soon as stitches have dissolved and bleeding has stopped we plan on trying (slowly and with lots of lube!!).
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  • I'm wondering what to do about the baby in the bed!?!?
  • TBsquared said:

    Hell no that's the last thing on my mind, you ladies be cray cray

    Ahahaha I love this
  • ldmwldmw
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    cpage2211 said:

    TBsquared said:

    Hell no that's the last thing on my mind, you ladies be cray cray

    Ahahaha I love this
    My thoughts exactly!
  • sailaplay said:

    I'm wondering what to do about the baby in the bed!?!?

    Just put the baby in another room while sleeping?
  • sailaplay said:
    I'm wondering what to do about the baby in the bed!?!?
    I thought this was sarcastic and I LOLed a lot.
    But then another poster's response to it makes me wonder...

  • I'm only 3weeks pp. we are looking forward to the dr to give us the OK! But I am afraid it is going to hurt!
  • @Mbt385 your husband too? I keep telling my husband to stop making breastfeeding our son sexual!!
  • I remember what it was like after my first daughter... Honestly not really looking forward to it lol. Took 3 months before it actually felt good.
  • We have and it was fantastic but I also only needed 2 stitches and healed very quickly and never swelled up or had any discomfort postpartum. It was better then ever!!
  • No thanks! 2wks PP here and I can still feel the stitches in my vagina, omg it's not even on the radar! Scares me go even think about anything coming near it!
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    I want it baaaad, but i'm still bleeding a bit and too afraid to properly wipe much less...other stuff. And about baby in the bed...just do it with baby there. It's not like they'll know or remember. You'll probably be taking it slow anyway so it's not likely you'll shake the baby too much. I'll probably try at the 6w mark...June 16th!
  • Hell to the no! It's been so long already, what's another year ;)
  • I did yesterday at 5 weeks 1 day postpartum (after being cleared by my OB), but I had a c-section. There was still some pain, especially since my incision is still healing on the inside and outside, but it was good to get the first time out of the way. We went really slowly until it was more comfortable. I think it'll still be a while until it feels totally normal again.

    Oh, and we took advantage of one of the times the baby was napping in the swing.
  • Hell no iam only two weeks pp and had a c section,i am ftm and the only thing am thinking about is getting enough sleep and i alcant imagine anything touching my boobs i dont know i will wait until 6 weeks i think
  • I did at 4w2d bc I was cleared but it was horribly painful. We had to stop. Not looking forward to the second try but we gotta do it
  • every day DH says "only x weeks and x days left" and I'm only two weeks pp. It's going to be a long four weeks for him. He also gets turned on by my boobs always being out. I told him he'sjust going to have to take care of himself for a while.
  • 4 weeks pp and I can't even imagine having sex right now. Still bleeding quite heavily and having discomfort. Only had two 1st degree tears but my body just doesn't want to heal. Already told SO that we have to wait at least until my 6 wk check up so I'll be on bc. I love my lo to pieces but definitely can't risk getting pregnant right away
  • I did at six weeks. Second baby, small (6lbs), no tears or stitches, and things felt pretty normal, maybe a little drier but no pain and very enjoyable.

    My first baby was 8lbs however and husband and I had sex at 4 weeks pp (with stitches) and it hurt and my muscle tone was not back to normal, making me super self conscious. I know it sucks but I'd definitely wait the six or even 8 weeks, it makes a huge difference

  • I made it to the 4 week mark. Once my bleeding stopped and my c section scar was no longer tender we gave it a go. Slow and steady so I wouldn't get hurt. It was kinda uncomfortable but with time it's all back to normal and as good as ever.
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    Not considering it at all.

    I tore really bad- one of my stitches is still healing at the "mouth" of my vagina- and this is 6.5 wks later.

    Totally waiting until after my iud is placed in 2 wks.

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  • I have started 3 weeks 3 days pp. I was nervous but it turned out great so happy to be all back to normal down there at 4 weeks. I had stitches as well 2nd degree.
  • I didn't tear at all and I'm not bleeding anymore or sore. Im 5 weeks pp exactly and yea...I'm breastfeeding and hardly have time for a shower let alone sex
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    lol it's been 2 weeks since i got out the hospital and honestly , being in labor and having stiches and bleeding everywhere makes me want to have nothing to do with sex ever again lol . j
  • Not yet I am 3weeks pp n we have talked about it but am scared physically to do it n be preg again
  • My So tried it on when I was 2 weeks pp again it doesn't help constantly having boobs on display, I was like WTF I've told him never again lol.
  • I tried exactly 4 weeks PP, but it wasn't happening. I tore pretty bad and had 6 stitches...some internal and some external. I tore pretty far up and nothing could get close to touching my entire lady area for 4 weeks.

    We tried anyway and even trying fingers first to loosen things up a bit...He still couldn't even get in half an inch without me crying. We used lots of lube too.

    The doctor put an extra stitch to make me tighter...I thought that was a myth until it was confirmed at my appointment.

    A couple days after trying and failing we tried again. It hurt so bad even after we got going, but we finished anyway.
    The trick is trying to get past tensing your muscles because that makes it 10 times worse.

    We can now have sex easier now, but lots of foreplay and patience on both ends paired with a lot of lube is a must.

    The lube I found that works best is Astroglide gel. Its so thick and gets sticky, but put a tiny bit of water with it and that helps.
  • I am counting down the days until I can have sex again! I was on pelvic rest a lot during my pregnancy so it's been quite a long time!
  • Alright ladies. Tomorrow I am officially 6 weeks (and DH keeps reminding me..). I'm too nervous! Not sure it'll happen just yet.
  • Well.. I am back with a report (lol, TMI I know) and I just wanted to let you know that it isn't as awful as I was expecting. I was literally in tears before because I was so nervous but I was sure to make DH aware of how I felt and he was great about it. He really pushed me and even though I didn't want to be pushed (I kept saying I just wasn't ready out of fear!), I am so glad He was able to talk me into it. Now that the first time is over, I can look forward to enjoying the second time.

    Sorry if its TMI, but I wanted to give those of you that were nervous like me, some hope!
  • cece3dcece3d
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    Not happening until I stop breastfeeding. My husband already pretends to "fight over" my boobs with my daughter when I feed her. So I plan I breastfeeding as long as I can just to annoy him. Especially since he thought this weekend was a nice time to resume smacking my bum everywhere we went.
  • I'm waiting the 6 weeks. When I hit 6 months pregnant sex stopped, it was so uncomfortable and hurt. So my husband has been waiting. We have a date night around the 6 weeks mark and MIL will watch LO so he keeps say July 18 will be the day. I'm honestly so nervous, I think everything's back to normal, I just hope it doesn't hurt like it did when I was pregnant and maybe TMI but when me and hubby had sex for the first time ever, it hurt so it'll probably be a very bad first time lol. Can't wait!! :////
  • I'm 3 weeks post partum, and my husband and I have already tried it once. I didn't tear during labour, and healed quite quickly, so we went ahead because it felt right. It definitely wasn't the same down there as before lol, but it was sweet and tender and lovely to bond and have some alone time with husband, especially after our world revolving around our little one for the past 3 weeks. Don't be nervous- if you and your husband feel ready, go ahead. If you don't enjoy it physically, just stop. Kissing and cuddles feel just as amazing too!
  • we did 2 weeks pp after c section and no pain at all :)
  • I did at least once a week since 2 weeks pp. I'm 7 weeks pp now
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